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ColorXvaMA_Digit: The vaMA indicator with the ability to replace averaging. It displays the most recent value as a price label with the possibility to round the channel levels up to a required number of digits. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
iBarShift_MT5: Version of the iBarShift function for the MetaTrader 5, takes a parameter of type datetime — opening time of the bar, the index of which must be found. Author: Dmitry Melnichenko
Exp_StochasticDiff: The Exp_StochasticDiff Expert Advisor is based on change of direction of the StochasticDiff indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
StochasticDiffSign: Semaphore signal indicator based on the code of the StochasticDiff indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
RVIDiffSign: Semaphore signal indicator based on the code of the RVIDiff indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
i4_DRF_v2: A simple trend indicator with calculation of rise and fall in Close prices. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Trade on Timer: Simple code that illustrates trading based on the OnTimer event. When the timer triggers, the robot alternately performs buy and sell deals with fixed stop loss and take profit values. Author: Oleg Shenker
Interchange: Class for exchanging data between programs. It allows to pass structures of arbitrary size via the global variables of the terminal from one program to another. Author: Andrey Miguzov
Switching charts: The script switches all opened charts at a certain interval. It is also possible to display only the charts of certain symbols. Author: Vladimir Karputov
BoDi: The Standard Deviation indicator implemented in the form of a color histogram. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Imp_XMA: Moving average wing averaging of the linear combination of the input price timeseries. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
YURAZ_RSAXEL Script draws the Axel Rudolph levels: Script draws the Axel Rudolph levels Author: Yuriy Zaytsev
DiNapoli Price Oscillator : New version of famous and simple indicator created by Joe DiNapoli. It is different than rest of this type indicators, because it could count and display overbought and oversold levels. Author: Mateusz
Indicator for monitoring the lot and profit: The indicator displays the total lot and profit for the current instrument. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Search engine doesnt give me the exampe i seek!! I'm looking an good and step by step tutorial how to create a class. For example a class that can open 4 buttens. Someone got a good tutorial?   Thank you in forwarding!! 
New article Adding a control panel to an indicator or an Expert Advisor in no time has been published: Have you ever felt the need to add a graphical panel to your indicator or Expert Advisor for greater speed and convenience? In this article, you will find out how to implement the dialog panel...
New article A Universal Oscillator with a GUI has been published: The article describes the process of creation of a universal indicator based on all oscillators available in the terminal, with its own graphical interface. The GUI allows users to quickly and easily change settings of each oscillator...
Support Resistance - Tools: Easily create horizontal lines by 1 key stroke, choose the color of the resistance line and the support line, the indicator automatically changes the color when a line is crossed, you can be alerted when a line is crossed. Author: takycard
Normalized MACD: Normalized MACD. Author: Mladen Rakic
BS_MarketPrice: Indicator BS_MarketPrice. Author: John Smith
QQECloud: The QQECloud is the indicator of quantitative and qualitative evaluation based on rather complex calculations of the RSI smoothed indicators Fig.1 The QQE and QQECloud indicators Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Reading RSS News Feeds by Means of MQL4 has been published: This article deals with an example of reading RSS markup by means of MQL4 using the functions for HTML tags analysis. We will try to make a work piece which can then be turned into a news indicator or just an RSS reader on MQL4...
Function library and Experts for trailing / Yury Dzyuban: Function library and Experts for trailing (11 types). Simple usage of complex algorithms. The algorithm for maintaining and closing a position is known to be almost more important that the rules for opening it. And sometimes a change in the...
News Expert Advisor (no indicators): EA trades on a large market movements, and does not uses any indicators. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Elliott Wave Oscillator: Elliott Wave Oscillator Author: Collector
RoNz Auto SL and TP: The Expert Advisor automatically sets preconfigured Stop Loss and Take Profit value on all orders which sl = 0 and tp = 0. Author: Roni Nafrianto
Buy sell volume: Buy sell volume. Author: Mladen Rakic
Derivative: The indicator performs the calculation of the derivative of the price. Author: Ihor Herasko
New article MQL5 Cookbook: Monitoring Multiple Time Frames in a Single Window has been published: When choosing the direction for opening a position, a price chart with multiple time frames displayed at the same time may be quite useful. The MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal provides 21 time frames for...
Notify: This library has smart notification(alert, push and alert) function with an option of having a single notification per candle at a time. Author: Oluwatosin Aboluwarin