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Expert Advisors: Multicurrency OnTick (string symbol) event handler

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Multicurrency OnTick (string symbol) event handler:

This is the simplified implementation of multicurrency mode in MetaTrader 5. It isn't necessary to consider the details how does it work. It has minimum settings and simple structure.

It's implemented in extended OnTick(string symbol) function.


  • It provides the real multi-currency mode on demo and real accounts.
  • It has simple settings.
  • The events list for OnTick(string symbol): can be configured: NewTick and/or NewBar.
  • The list of symbols can be configured (all symbols from Market Watch or some specified symbols).
  • When working with Market Watch symbols, it allows to manage the events "on the fly" in OnTick(string symbol).
  • It isn't necessary to understand the details of its work. All code is contained in the include file.
  • It can be used in Strategy Tester.

Author: Константин


Hallo, Lizar

i'm  new to mql5 so i'm in trouble trying to understand the code.. I have a couple of question:

  1. i don't understand how you track the event generated by the spy control panel in the tester phase using global variables
  2. why the exadecimal numeration of ENUM_CHART_EVENT_SYMBOL  and if i can change it in "int" from 1 to 23
  3. there may be some problems with handling the indicators becouse if you change timeframe the agents duplicates: it seems there isn't indicator handles cancellation..

I'm trying to build something like but in multicurrency mode..

I'm designing the structure of EA and your implementations of CisnewBar and this for multimulticurrency mode using custom events are very interesting and usefull

for my pourpose.. the last question (for a moment! :) ) why you can't implement something like  CisnewBar for multimulticurrency mode? I read your great article but there isn't an example EA that trade on varius instruments, only an indicator, so for me it's a little harder to understand the whole topic..

thank you in advance, and sorry for my english, i'm italian.. 



Hi Lizar,

I want to use your code, but my broker using mql4 language (TradeMasterFX Meta, Version: 4.00 Build 890),

Is there a way to upgrade my terminal to mql5 supporting terminal?

Thanks for your advise,



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