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ZigZag_MACD: ZigZag based on MACD histogram. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Deep Neural Networks (Part III). Sample selection and dimensionality reduction has been published: This article is a continuation of the series of articles about deep neural networks. Here we will consider selecting samples (removing noise), reducing the dimensionality of input data and...
Expert Advisor based on the Sidus indicator.: Expert Advisor based on the Sidus indicator. Author: Iurii Tokman
  Experts: Elli (2)
Elli: The Expert Advisor trades based on the ADX Wilder and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicators. Lot is calculated based on risk percentage of margin. Author: Vladimir Karputov
A System: Championship 2008 Final Edit: Automatic Trading System Author: Airat Safin
New article Analyzing the Indicators Statistical Parameters is published: The technical analysis widely implements the indicators showing the basic quotes "more clearly" and allowing traders to perform analysis and forecast market prices movement. It's quite obvious that there is no sense in using...
Hercules A.T.C. 2006: The Expert Advisor trades moving average breakouts. It uses the following indicators: two iMAs (Moving Average, MA), iRSI(Relative Strength Index, RSI) and two iEnvelopes (Envelopes). Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article Wolfe Waves has been published: The graphical method proposed by Bill Wolfe allows to detect a pattern, based on which a moment and direction for entry can be found, and also it helps forecast the target which the price should reach, as well as the expected time, when the price will...
New article Graphical Interfaces XI: Text edit boxes and Combo boxes in table cells (build 15) has been published: In this update of the library, the Table control (the CTable class) will be supplemented with new options. The lineup of controls in the table cells is expanded, this time adding text...
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Pure_Martingale: Martingale syste, trades are random. Author: Matus German
MultiHedg_1: The Multi-currency adviser in the time, given by the user, opens a market position, on a choice Buy or Sell. As, it is possible to set closing of positions in the certain time, to choose currencies, to choose percent of the profit and loss for closing all Author: IURII TOKMAN
New article Custom indicators and infographics in CCanvas has been published: The article considers new types of indicators with more complex structural implementation. It also describes the development of pseudo-3D indicator types and dynamic infographics. We have examined the classes and...
MQL5 Wizard - Trade Signals Based on Crossover of Two Exponentially Smoothed Moving Averages: MQL5 Wizard allows to create the code of Expert Advisors automatically. See Creating Ready-Made Expert Advisors in MQL5 Wizard for the details. Here we will consider the strategy based on crossover of two...
Normalized Volume Oscillator: An expanded version of the Normalized Volume indicator. Added means facilitating visual analysis of the indicators values. Author: DrShumiloff
Accelerator Bot for USDJPY H4: This EA uses different indicators: ADX, Stochatisc, Accelerator... This EA is optimized for USDJPY TF H4, but it can work on others if you optimize it. Author: vsebastien3
The computer time resolution: The indicator shows computer time resolution. Normally it is about 15-16 ms. This is important, for example, to copy positions from other MetaTrader 4. Author: Nauris Zukas
Indicator Data to CSV file: This indicator gathers indicator data and prints them in the csv file. Author: Mustafa Doruk Basar
New article Indicator for Spindles Charting has been published: The article regards spindle chart plotting and its usage in trading strategies and experts. First let's discuss the chart's appearance, plotting and connection with japanese candlestick chart. Next we analyze the indicator's...
Apply Template: This very simple script to apply same template to all charts opened at the moment. Author: Janderson FFerreira
Hidden StopLoss and TakeProfit System: A class system to represent a hidden stop loss and take profit system, combined with 4 example files showing the use of the classes. Author: Mark Wilson
Sidus_v.1: The EA was developed on the basis of the Sidus indicator. It trades on EURUSD H1. Shows good results on the history after optimization. The test was performed on the quotes from and "Alpari" DC. Author: Юрий
Keltner Channel: The Keltner Channel indicator determines the most significant trends. Author: Collector
Spectrometr_Separate: Spectrometr_Separate Author: IURII TOKMAN
S4T_DaysOfTheWeek: The indicator marks the days of the week with a colored histogram in the chart sub-window. Author: Dmitry Zhezhera
Exp_RSI: The simplest Expert Advisor based on RSI. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Exp_Fractal_RSI: The simplest EA based on the fractal RSI. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Application of the Eigen-Coordinates Method to Structural Analysis of Nonextensive Statistical Distributions is published: The major problem of applied statistics is the problem of accepting statistical hypotheses. It was long considered impossible to be solved. The situation has...
New article Deep Neural Networks (Part II). Working out and selecting predictors has been published: The second article of the series about deep neural networks will consider the transformation and choice of predictors during the process of preparing data for training a model. Now, we want to see...
Quantile bands: Quantile bands. Author: Mladen Rakic
MACD using QWMA: MACD that uses QWMA for calculation. Author: Mladen Rakic