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Hi-Lo: Indicator Hi-Lo. Author: Collector
New article Indicator for Point and Figure Charting is published: There are lots of chart types that provide information on the current market situation. Many of them, such as Point and Figure chart, are the legacy of the remote past. This chart type has been known since the end of the XIX...
Stochastic Three Periods: Uses the iStochastic (Stochastic) indicator from three different timeframes. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Stoch: Trades using the pending Sell Limit and Buy Limit orders. Removes all orders and closes positions at 23:59. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Exp_BlauTSStochastic: This trading system uses the BlauTSStochastic oscillator. A trade decision is made when the histogram changes direction, at the breakthrough of the zero line or when the color of the signal line cloud changes. Fig. 1. The instances of history of deals on the chart. Fig. 2....
Exp_StochasticCGOscillator: The Exp_StochasticCGOscillator EA is based on the signals generated by the StochasticCGOscillator oscillator. The signal is formed when a bar is closing if there is crossing of the main and signal lines of the indicator. Figure 1. The instances of history of deals on...
Exp_Stochastic_Histogram: A trading system based on the signals of the Stochastic_Histogram indicator. The signal is formed when a bar is closing. The Expert Advisor uses one of the two methods to determine the trend depending on the input value: input TrendMode TMode=Cross;...
New article "Free-of-Holes" Charts has been published: The article deals with realization of charts without skipped bars. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
New article Cross-Platform Expert Advisor: Stops has been published: This article discusses an implementation of stop levels in an expert advisor in order to make it compatible with the two platforms Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. The general operation of the creation of stop levels is shown in the...
Hi, I am really new to trading. However could I please get some help.Partly my problem with thrading is the fact it takes me time to open up orders and place orders on currency at certain prices usually I miss it. It is therefore I would like to find a script to open an order on the current price...
SaveTicks: This utility program records tick quotes in the CSV and BIN format. A flexible set of symbols is available for writing. Author: Alexey Volchanskiy
Histogram Bid and Ask prices: The statistical distribution of Bid and Ask prices on the chart as a histogram. Author: Sergey Pavlov
SignalsDemo: The SignalsDemo Expert Advisor uses the trade signals functions. It shows the properties of the signals, available in client terminal, allows to modify the signal copy settings and subscribe or unsubscribe to the selected trade signal. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
XIT_BuySellAutoStoploss.mq4 - Stoploss set from Fractal Levels, Money management Risk/Reward: This script will set your stoploss at the fractal level of your choosing. Money management built in helping take some of the guess work out of your trading. Author: Jeff West
New article Testing and Optimization of Expert Advisors has been published: The article provides a detailed description of the process of testing and optimizing Expert Advisors in the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester. The importance of such information and the need for this publication cannot be...
Resistance & Support: The indicator of support and resistance lines calculated based on the iFractals (Fractals) indicator values. Author: Vladimir Karputov
e-Skoch pending orders: Works with pending stop orders (Buy Stop and Sell Stop). Monitors spread %. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Locker: The EA lock positions. Author: Vladimir Karputov
HarVesteR: The Expert Advisor uses the following indicators: Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD; Moving Average, MA; Average Directional Movement Index, ADX. It closes half of the profitable position. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Flat Channel: The Expert Advisor trades in a channel. When a flat channel is found or when the market slows down, the EA places a pending order expecting the channel breakout. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Differential indicator by Sultonov: Displays average values ​​of the bulls and bears power. Author: Ihor Herasko
Current Next Futures: The script has three independent functions for determining the current FORTS futures. Author: Sergey Chalyshev
Vortex Indicator System: A trading system based on the Vortex indicator signals. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Notify Icon: A library for creating icons in the Windows taskbar and for sending text alerts. The use of this library will help you make your MQL programs more informative. Author: Andrey Voytenko
Momentum YTG: The Momentum indicator implemented in the form of a color histogram. Author: Iurii Tokman
Vortex: An indicator from "Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities" (January, 2010). Author: Vladimir Karputov
Anubis: The Expert Advisor trades using the signals of the following indicators: iStdDev (two indicators), iMACD, iCCI, iATR. Moving positions to breakeven. Author: Vladimir Karputov
EA Trix: An expert advisor based on the TRIX ARROWS indicator. Author: Vladimir Karputov
TRIX ARROWS: The Triple Exponential Average (TRIX) indicator + the signal line + arrows at the intersection of the signal and the main lines. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Carbophos: The Expert Advisor sets a grid of pending Sell Limit and Buy Limit orders. Author: Vladimir Karputov