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Discussion of article "Interview with Sergey Abramov (ATC 2012)"

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New article Interview with Sergey Abramov (ATC 2012) is published:

The trading robot of Sergey Abramov (26405) is staying in TOP-10 since the second week. However, it caused much anxiety for its developer. As it turned out, the robot contains a small error in position close block. The robot has been developed almost exclusively on the basis of the past years' results.

What set of skills and personality traits are critical to do algorithmic trading?

You should be good at logical thinking to develop algorithms. But if this was the only critical parameter, then all math professors would be the best in this field. You should be able to combine math and basic knowledge of finance. At least, you should understand what (and how) affects the price most - US unemployment rate or the earthquake in Japan. Besides, you should possess the quality all authors are writing about. You know, something like "Today Joe has lost the amount of money exceeding the cost of their house while doing his trading, but his wife did not even suspect anything..."

I work with CAD systems and I often have to do programming for different platforms - solve non-standard issues, develop algorithms for subordinate employees, etc. When I do not have enough time to do programming due to various "paper" work, MQL5 prevents my brain from "drying up".

Is it necessary to have some trading experience or do your programming skills and knowledge of math seem enough for you?

Experience is necessary. You cannot learn driving only by studying cars in books. You need to do some real trading to know that a deal execution may take more than a minute and spread may increase by 2-3 times.

Sergey Abramov (26405) - Participant of the  Automated Trading Championship 2012

Author: Automated-Trading

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