Indicators: RSD_Histogram(Relative Strength Divergence)


RSD_Histogram(Relative Strength Divergence):

Short description. RSD_Histogram uses MACD Formula. but using RSI, 13SMA on RSI, 9 EMA on RSD. it even checks equilibrium in relation to RSD and Histogram and zero line and do alerts of all kinds, next version will include Divergence of Histogram and RSD. will update it here, when its ready..

RSD_Histogram(Relative Strength Divergence)

Author: Lefy Sithebe

Kyda BelRoch-Veldemo  
Hi Lefy, great job...would you mind giving a detail description of inputs? I think it would be a good idea to add levels on indicator window the levels +10 and -10 as well...

I wanted to add 70% range from the mean(equilibrium) point in both direction -/+ to infinite numbers, but MT4 don't allow buffers(on scale), my developer told me so, but I think in the future, it will possible....



Looks nice / Thanks


Kyda BelRoch-Veldemo  
Jnaneswar Panguluri #:
Hi, Can we have the MT5 version for this? please...
Yes, it will be available soon. I want to check if i don't let anything behind from this project.
Kyda BelRoch-Veldemo  
I am in a process with developers, to pinned a new histogram on RSD_Histogram at the bottom of the indicator window. This new data will enable us to see velocity data over time as histogram. Later will implement RSD-Mom-Dev over this new histogram, that will enable us to virdualy see deviation momentum of RSD. Later we will enable alerts for all fuctions we disire.