Hi İgorad and Linuxser , İs it possible to replace RSİ with Jurik RSX indicator to have a smoother indicator ?Thanks in advance.


this is not a closed system, everybody could modify what they want or do what's feel is better for him in order to improve their success

Let us to know how is the progress, or if you find something different than rsi histogram.


Thanks for the modifications Mrtools, much appreciated.

Linuxser ,at the beginning I thought this topic was about discussion of İgorad's indicators.Obviously I didnt read the topic properly

I havent worked out how you are exactly using the RSİ histogram as a filter , but I have different ideas than the RSI histogram.I think Snake border histogram looks promising.There can be some modifications on it , it is open to different ideas.MACD histogram also looks nice to filter the fake signals during the low volatility.I hope it helps.

ads305z2.bmp  1103 kb
ads305z4.bmp  1155 kb

Labtrend EA v1.1

Hi guys, latest Labtrend EA v1.1

Newcomers, you will need to copy all the indicators in the compressed file into your experts/indicators folder.



- Cleaned up and debugged some issues.

a) EA was opening orders on 3rd bar after confirmation, now it's 2nd bar.

b) RSI confirmation is more efficient

- Internal Stoploss

- Internal TakeProfit

(Pros: Not limited to broker limit and broker can't see your SL & TP)

(Cons: Make sure your computer doesn't crash, or your wallet will follow suit)

If you enter 0 for either TP or SL, they will be deactivated.

- Close order on "confirmed" Labtrend 1 direction change

(previous bar confirmation for order, previously it was on current bar to confirm. I feel this filters some "fakeouts" to close order)

- RSI Channel Adjustment

( If e.g. you enter '20', this means RSI(14) buy trigger on '20' or more or sell trigger on '-20' or less)

That's all for now. I will be working on Trailing Stop next. Please if any of you could help improve the strategy, let me know and I'll try to add it into the next version. Looking for a consistent strategy to program.

Please share your findings and setting with me with regards to my EA.

Thank you


Maybe LabTrend 1 with values like 6 or 9 would help us to reduce false signals. I'm testing to see if this values works better.

[Deleted] problems

Hi guys,

Some of you have pm me with regards to Labtrend EA not running on Fxpro MT4 terminal. I just had a chat with their support and downloaded their MT4 terminal. The Ordersend error 130 problem lies in their majors having 5 decimal places instead of the usual 4 decimal places. So a 10pip TP should be 100pip TP. Multiply all limits by 10. Sigh, you'd think it's hard enough trading as it is. Now everything's gonna have a 4 point version and a 5 point version.

I'll fix the EA for fxpro users soon.

transcript of my chat with fxpro Nicola

Nicola: I would like to advise you that our company is one of the few companies that quotes the majors with 5 digits after the dot e.g. 0.00001 . Other companies provide only four 0.0001. Therefore a limit of 10 for those companies means 100 for our company because of the extra digit However trade wise it means the same thing, in fact it is more beneficial to the client as the view of the market is more detailed and accurate.

you: I see, but what counts as a pip is still your fourth decimal place surely?

Nicola: The minimum level for placing limits is dependent on the currency pair you are trading but for pairs with spread of less than 10 pips the limit must be placed at least 10 points from the market price. However, the prices in the market watch window have 5 digits after the decimal point instead of the usual 4 digits. This means that 100 pips on our platform is equal to 10 pips on prices quoted to 4 decimal places. Therefore if you set the trailing stop to 15 points it will be equal to 150 points on our platform. Please set your limit first and then modify the order to set the trailing stop.

you: I see, it's terribly scary for traders to multiply their tp or sl to fit your system. I'll give it a go. Anyway is this for all currencies or just the majors?

Nicola: only because of our 5 digit you need to add the extra 0

Nicola: 100 pips is still really 10 pips

Hi guys,


Btw, have you tested the EA using Labtrend1 with values of 6 or 9?