Combine labtrend indicators

Can you combine the labtrend indicators , some how to and cut down on all the

lines, on the chart

Can you combine the labtrend indicators , some how to and cut down on all the lines, on the chart

I believe it's a impossible task. 8 (4+2+2) buffers just to draw are needed and you're empty for calculations.


Thanks Tangocash, let's test it



Currently backtesting it over 4 years of data. So far only 4hr TF looks promising without TP or SL, close on reversal. Testing the different Risk levels. I'll let you know if I got a good setting.

Linuxser is there any other way besides the risk adjustment to filter out the "fakeouts". Need your advise to improve the EA.

Currently from the data I'm seeing, a trailing stop would help alot. I'll be trying that out in version 1.1



LabTrend EA v1

Hi guys,

I've programmed an EA for LabTrend 1,2,3 + RSI. I'm still learning MQL so this is my first EA. Took me a month to program it, anyway here it is. Gurus out there will undoubtedly see many redundancies in my code. I've tried my best to follow the strategy laid out in this thread.

Firstly. Thanks to

Igorad for the indicators.

Linuxser for the Strategy that the EA is firmly based on.

You will need the complete set of indicators LabTrend1, 2, 3 and RSI in your expert/indicators folder for this EA to work.

I haven't tested it on all pairs, only USD/JPY(15TF,60TF), I'm using Northfinance broker. I need help with money management, as the EA is under performing because of MM.

I've programmed TP and SL into the EA.

The EA will open 1 trade at a time (per pair) and will close order when

1) LabTrend1 triggers opposite direction

2) Or if the above TP or SL has been met.

If you prefer the former exit strategy or you want to mix these two strategies, just enter '0' for TP or SL.

I need help finding a good balance for TP and SL.

The entry order waits for Labtrend1 trigger (end of bar only) then waits for Labtrend 2,3 and RSI to fall in place (end of bar only) then buys on the next bar if all indicator is still in place (first tick entry).

EA Properties

RiskL1 is the risk adjustment for LabTrend1. RiskL2 & RiskL3 are for LT2 and LT3 respectively

Things to improve.

1) Money Managment. Any ideas please let me know.

2) Hidden TP and SL.

3) Trailing Stop.

Thanks for all the knowledge, I never thought I would be able to program anything.



We look for all indicators aligned to take the trades but there is no real order to the alignment. We could say often this happens.

The debug the EA maybe we need the trigger will be LabTrend2 and labtrend1 a reenter indicator. Also LabTrend2 it's the best trailing stop.

Or just take the trades when Labtrend2 is in the right position and use Labtrend1 as trigger.

Another big problem are reversals. Usually when the move is big and the market enters in consolidation phase LabTrend1 will fire up close signals or reversals signals.

And sometimes it works like a swiss watch.

Fakeouts are due to low volatility. I usually look for rsi divergences or lower rsi peaks but this is a problem for any EA. Maybe one chance is to look at Labtrend 2/3 value and position as additional filter.

Example, is current value of Labtrend3 (it's more sensitive than 2) it's same as one bar ago do not trade because market isn't trending. But i don't know if this would work.


Hi İgorad and Linuxser ,

İs it possible to replace RSİ with Jurik RSX indicator to have a smoother indicator ?Thanks in advance.