And Gold with near 5500 ticks since middle April.

I have lot of problem with this one because internet problems and I've managed everything with a modem. That's why is still open.

Great system, thanks!!

Has two questions I wish you could clear up for me:

1) Am I correct to say that the exit is dictated by a reversal on RSI or a new dot from LabTrend 1?

2) Should RSI be in favor of the move when the dot appears on lab1 or just when the entry is dictated by aligment of all?


Exactly, fully right.

RSI is an addition, specially for detect strong divergences.

The best and preferable way to take the trade is to wait for the alignment of all indicators, looking closely labtrend2.

Often, when RSI moves to negative sides we already have an immediately preceding dot. Without RSI we could be trapped as lime rectangles shows within picture.



Another question though.. Have you used trailing stops or anything else as exit indicators?

Thanks and also thanks for all the great work. It is really a very good system.

I actually think I just asked a dumb question.. i just noticed that the labtrend2 and 3 dots say up trend stop on them if you highlight them.. I assume you are using those to chase the trend.. please let me know if im off on that one.. Thanks

Yes, best stop (for me) are Labtrend2 dots, labtrend3 dots could be used by they're a little risky.


It would be great to have LabTrend1 with email alert.


maybe it's possible to create a flexible version with a choise out of 3 options:

1. If at close bar a dot exists, I would like to have an email send automatically (at next bar open)

2. As soon as a dot comes up, an email will be sent (only one email per bar)

3. If a dot exists, an email will be sent at "X" minutes before close bar

("X" adjustable in indicator input settings)

Same possible for LabTrend2 and 3?

I hope some of you great programmers can look at it.


Thanks for developping and sharing this great system.

Any chance to have this system for tradestation? I pm igorad but couldn't have a reply.

If anyone have it, could you post here please.

thanks in advance.

I'm sure he would do.