Here we have two examples of trades.

First trade marked with orange lines point to ordered signals in the following order: LabTrend1, LabTrend3, RSI below center line, LabTrend2.

Second trade marked with line lines point to non ordered signals in the following order: LabTrend1, LabTrend3, RSI above center line, and LabTrend 2.

But we need to remark that Labtrend 2 never changed in the last bars. It was marking uptrend for some time. This is an example of reentry signals.

We don't need to wait in this case because there is nothing to wait.

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thanx for ur explanation linuxer.

what is our long-short entry point? can we use for long orange dots+5 or x and for short green dots + 5 or x.?

or what do you think?


Here we have some pictures with detailed entry points.

Also, RSI histogram helps better to pinpoint divergences. You could n ignore it.

We always enter at closed bars

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How is this indicator used with LabTrend 1, 2, and 3?

Please try to test updated LabTrendZigZag_v1.1 with calculation of cycle periods and distance between turning points.

Today trades.

First picture. Marked bar for our entry point. Remember that we open our trades when the marked bar starts (last bar close).

Note: red line marks the wide between Labtrend 2 at top and Labtrend 1 signal at bottom and Labtrend 3. The wide is about 100 pips and could suggest some warning.

Next picture: Small profit or small loss, we should exit when the RSI turns negative. We could wait for a reentry signal because LabTredn 2 and 3 are marking for an uptrend.

Next picture: Similar condition with picture 1 and warning about widening between indicators. This trade is with 70 pips profited right now and still open because we don't have any signal to close.

Last picture: no trades open because indicators are not in agreement.

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Hi thanks for a great system

Any method of entry for an already ongoing long trend?