I will just manually choose it in the smiley common input when I start it.


Already have external variables Start_Long_NOW and Start_Short_NOW coded into v1_5.

Explain your (Then use long only or short only in conjunction with this)...

Do you want this coded into the EA, or are you wanting to just select this when you attach the EA to a chart?

See below...


You're making this all too complicated. Any compensating mechanism will work just as much against you as for you.

1. DON'T USE ANY INCREMENTING (DAMMIT!) This is the main cause of the problem.

2. Widen your grid and make it reasonable according to volatility

This is a matter of experimentation

3. Use pairs with low spreads, 3 pips or less

4. Stick with trending pairs, not volatile pairs. Euro is better than GBPJPY

5. Make your TP smaller than the grid size minus the spread

6. Don't use a SL.

One of the things I've noticed is that we get further and further away from the goal as more positions are opened as each adds another "spread" to the floating loss which makes the job of catching up progressively harder as price then needs to move much further in a given direction without a reversed entry to have any hope of closing the series.

Not sure how best to overcome this issue but it will blow up the account at some point if left unchecked. This is especially a problem with wide spread pairs like GJ.

I've tried using a very small lot increment and this does help but the account will still blow at some point.

Thinking caps on, guys!
I will just manually choose it in the smiley common input when I start it. ES

O.K. Got it.


v1_5 now has MM.

Working on order close features, and some testing.


kind of neat ea. ... will need to test... Lot of options to think about.

would like to only open orders if in positive. ...Never liked martingale that added to a loser.

kind of neat ea. ... will need to test... Lot of options to think about. would like to only open orders if in positive. ...Never liked martingale that added to a loser.

Let us know how testing goes.

Any ideas are welcome to make this EA more viable.



It's been 3 weeks since the beginning of this EA project. I have just finished the fifth version of the EA.

I tried to simplify the code a bit, however I'm sure that more can be done. I also keep adding additional options, which doesn't necessarily make the code simpler.

I have added a money management option, as well as a start long, or start short feature. The user now has 4 options to start the first trade with, as well as many other options for how you want the EA to operate. Don't ask me for the best set up, because I don't know it yet.

Anyone using v1_5 for the first time will need to review and understand the external variables, there have been some changes:

extern double Start_Lot_Size=0.1;//starting lot size for cycle

extern double Lot_Size_Increment=0;//Additional orders will increase by this amount

extern bool Money_Management=false;//if true mm is used, if false lot size will be start_lot_size

extern double Risk_Percent=1;//percent risk of your AccountFreeMargin() for starting lot size

extern double Min_Lots = 0.1;//minimum lot size if using money management

extern double Max_Lots = 5.0;//maximum lot size if using money management

extern bool Auto_Restart=false;//set to true if you want EA to re-start after each cycle

extern bool Double_Lotsize=false;//set to true if you want to just double every lotsize, Lot_Size_Increment ignored if true

extern int Max_Trades=50;//maximum number of trades allowed

extern bool Close_All_Max=false;//select true if you want ALL orders to close if Max_Trades is hit

extern int Next_Trade=10;//next trade pip increment, (will trade this many pips above OR below last order)

extern bool Close_By_Percent=false;//If true it will close by percent, if false it will close by Profit or Loss in $$

extern double TP_Percent=5;//will take profit if profit is greater than percent of account balance (close all orders)

extern double SL_Percent=10;//will stop loss if profit is less than percent of account balance (close all orders)

extern double Close_By_Profit=10;//close if >= to this $ amount

extern double Close_By_StopLoss=300;//Amount of money to close all if lost

extern bool Use_MA_Entry=false;//select true if you want moving average to decide starting direction

extern int MA_Period=7;//moving average period for calculation

extern int Timeframe=3;//timeframe used for MA calculation, 1=1m, 2=5m, 3=15m, 4=30m, 5=1h, 6=4h, 7=1d

extern bool Use_Manual_Entry=false;//if selected true you must enter Manuel_Long & Manuel_Short price you want trade to execute

extern double Manual_Long=0;//Price at which to start cycle long

extern double Manual_Short=0;//Price at which to start cycle short

extern bool Start_Long_NOW=false;//if true EA will start long immediately

extern bool Start_Short_NOW=false;//if true EA will start short immediately

extern int Slippage=5;//slippage for ordersend command

extern int Number_Of_Tries=5;//Number of tries to send an OrderSend()command if not going through

Many options to choose from! Thanks for all the ideas and input.

v1_5 uses the same include file as v1_4. Include file is posted again for those who need it.

Let me know if any bugs are found. As always, happy testing.



I was only trading one pair.


Could you post the statement to look at? Also, post the trade journal. Were there any errors in the journal?

I'm not too concerned with when your Next_Trade was hit. Next_Trade will execute when current price is >= (greater than, or equal to) your last open + Next_Trade for buys, or for buys, or < for sells) to fire an Ordersend() command. If the server context is busy, re-quoting in a fast moving market, or not responding, the EA will try up to 5 times to put your order through. When the order finally does go through, you may or may not be EXACTLY on your Next_Trade price. GBPJPY with it's high spread, and fast moving volitility, makes it a good candidate NOT to land it's Next_Trade exactly where desired.

A little more concerning to me is why ALL orders didn't close when your 1% TP was met. Out of curiosity, what does 1% work out to.

The EA closes orders by identifying them by their magic number, it doesn't just close ALL open orders because you may have EA attached to more than 1 chart. Each currency pair is assigned it's own magic number for this purpose. In v1_5 (currently working on) I will try to address this issue.

What happened to you is all the orders didn't close, only one did. Then the EA looked at the last order placed (0.2) and when the conditions were met is added to that (0.3). In the next version I will put in some more fail safe measures to try and fix this problem.

Hi wolfe,

I was only trading GBPJPY contrary to what you thought.

These are my log and a screenshot.

trade.gif  62 kb
Not really happy cause i reach my SL about a few minutes.

Whan i will be at home i will try to see if i must change my settings.

These are my detailed statements since the beguinning of TFX try(i just avoid my name and the number of my real account).

Cijas this EA is a work-in-progress. Please test it with a demo account first and not real money, at least for a small time so that you understand more how it works.