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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

I want to explain something more to the members.

This indicator is giving you the information about profit/loss, equity in pips for some period of time:

Besides, if you move mouse on the crossing figure so you will get same information for any crossing.

For example, if I will use 2 indicators crossing:

- SMA with period = 10

- and SMA with period 20

since this date till now:

so I will get the profit (in pips) with balance and equity - written on my image by lines.

In this way we may backtest any MA kind of indicators crossing by one click:

// List of MAs:

// MA_Method= 0: SMA - Simple Moving Average

// MA_Method= 1: EMA - Exponential Moving Average

// MA_Method= 2: Wilder - Wilder Exponential Moving Average

// MA_Method= 3: LWMA - Linear Weighted Moving Average

// MA_Method= 4: SineWMA - Sine Weighted Moving Average

// MA_Method= 5: TriMA - Triangular Moving Average

// MA_Method= 6: LSMA - Least Square Moving Average (or EPMA, Linear Regression Line)

// MA_Method= 7: SMMA - Smoothed Moving Average

// MA_Method= 8: HMA - Hull Moving Average by Alan Hull

// MA_Method= 9: ZeroLagEMA - Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average

// MA_Method=10: DEMA - Double Exponential Moving Average by Patrick Mulloy

// MA_Method=11: T3 - T3 by T.Tillson

// MA_Method=12: ITrend - Instantaneous Trendline by J.Ehlers

// MA_Method=13: Median - Moving Median

// MA_Method=14: GeoMean - Geometric Mean

// MA_Method=15: REMA - Regularized EMA by Chris Satchwell

// MA_Method=16: ILRS - Integral of Linear Regression Slope

// MA_Method=17: IE/2 - Combination of LSMA and ILRS

// MA_Method=18: TriMAgen - Triangular Moving Average generalized by J.Ehlers

// MA_Method=19: VWMA - Volume Weighted Moving Average

// List of Prices:

// Price = 0 - Close

// Price = 1 - Open

// Price = 2 - High

// Price = 3 - Low

// Price = 4 - Median Price = (High+Low)/2

// Price = 5 - Typical Price = (High+Low+Close)/3

// Price = 6 - Weighted Close = (High+Low+Close*2)/4

// Price = 7 - Heiken Ashi Close

// Price = 8 - Heiken Ashi Open

// Price = 9 - Heiken Ashi High

// Price =10 - Heiken Ashi Low

Since igorad allready developed the AllAverages I think all we need is an addition of non repainting color coding to it to have complete averages package. This one is it PS: the color coding in this version works when time frame is set to current time frame (I feel it would unnecessarily complicate the code to add color coding in MTF mode too, and sincerely I hate to change or add too much to somebody else's code, it changes the logic of an indicator)

Am I going blind or is there no indicator attached?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Latest version is on this post https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/173235/page23

I've developed visual cross MAs tester. Use with last version of AllAverages.

This is AWESOME tool Igor. Now you gave us the tool, who will have the patience to really test this and give us all the results for let's say all the possible settings, all the time frame on let`say only the majors and some cross? I don`t know how many possible combi their is and i am afraid to count.

Is the 10/20 sma cross is an optimal setting or did any one have found better settings? May you suggest some avenue or maybe we should all start making test and disclose results here or in a special thread here. Now that doesn`t count the different method like deviations, channels, shifted, bands or whatever i didn`t think of. I have not finish exploring all the possibilities of advanceama alone and now you gave us this monster!

Then again, maybe someone can make a program to check all the possibilities much faster and find the optimal value for each pair/time frame but it is no guarantee for futur results as everybody should know. Or maybe we might get surprised to find a robust 'one size fit all' ideal setting for most pair?

There is no real agreement outside the most common fibo numbers (38.2 and 61.8, 1.618 and so on with extensions).

If you divide the consecutive numbers of a series you get the 0.618 or close if you divide the non consecutive numbers you get the 0.382 or close.

0.236 was added later (0.618/3).

But where 76.4 come from? more or less like the 23.6 (61.8 - 38.2) but the inverse 1 - 23.6 = 76.4

Problem is there is no only one way to achieve that number because 38.2 * 2 is 76.4 too

In fact all this matter creates some nice food for the brain.

At the beginning I was confused because some platforms shows another numbers like 78.6 and all kind of mess.

So, go to the source Linuxser. Books books and more books. And my conclusion is the 76.4 is the .....

I will complete the rest of this soon

I`m trying to trade exclusively with fibs too and i am very interested in every fibo related indicators.

I`m trying to trade exclusively with fibs too and i am very interested in every fibo related indicators.

How can I help you?


Request: Looking for indicator

working on a new strategy, but I'm short an important indicator that could really help out.

I'm looking for an Average Range indicator that will show in the upper corner (or selectable corner):


AvgRange: Yesterday Week Month 180Days "X" Days

PIPS: pp ppp ppp ppp ppp


Today High: pppp ADR High: pppp

Today Low: pppp ADR Low: pppp

Pips to today High: pp Pips to ADR High: pppp

Pips to today Low: pp Pips to ADR Low: pppp


1. ADR calculations are:

"X" Days = is variable, e.g. 3,4,5

calculating daily trading range and averages;

Daily High - Daily Low = Daily range

Daily ranges are added up and divided by the number of days for simple period ADR.

2. "ADR High" number is the highest price during the "X" period

3. "ADR Low" number is the lowest price during the "X" period

4. the rest of the fields are pretty self-explanatory.

Anyone seen anything like this?

A lot of bank traders are paying more attention to ranges these days, so I think the info is pretty useful..


How can I help you?

Give me the holy grail!


I would like, an EOD (end of day) , fibo indicator like fibocalv31 but fixed , that would change strategy accordingly to the state of the market. Right now fibocalc work for trending market but it would be good that if we are in ranging market that it`s change it`s strategy to another trading method, this could be somekind of 23,6-76,4 channel trading or something alike. Range or trend could maybe be determine by either adx level or adx-adxr cross, or some better filter if there is. It should also have some backtesting ability. There could be also more then 2 trading method suggested by the indicator, depending on the 'deepness' of the range or the strength of the trend. This might not be the holy grail but i would be curious to back test it.

Maybe it already exists, commercially or not, maybe not i don`t know. Maybe on some other platform then MT4.

I am no programmer but if i could, that would be my project.


help, 123 pattern

i wonder if someone could help me with this indicator. it is barry sander's 123 pattern and it does not expire. the trouble is that is does not work on all pairs. plus, i would like to know if it could be changed so that the fib portion is optional.since i know absolutly nothing about coding...i hope some could look at it for me. also, it dosen't seem to work on 5m tf(although not that important).

i like using the 123 pattern for trading, is this indicator a good one or is there a better one. my eyes are not good enough yet to spot the patters quickly......thanks ....vince

ok,just found how to eliminate fibs, lol