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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

We are having uptrend, downtrend, choppy, flat.

But what we do not have - we do not have horizontal trend.

Horizontal is the following:

someone is using the scalping taking/converting all the movement of the price onto his account.

Price can not be moved as any (even small price movement) was already taken as take profit by someone).

Horizontal Trend example (LiteForex broker, live account, right now):

All your difficulties please post here.

My difficulties.

I found some indicator. The first it is exp file. Second - I do not understand anything. All that I know that it is russian indicator to estimate the trend.

Hahahahahahahhahahahah........hahahahahahahhahaha.... that has to be the craziest indi pic i have seen for sure that one's the holy grail.


don't have a forex joke , but I do have one for current news

Learnt from Boston Tea Party

we dump all the heaviest diesel oil, onto the sea first, before beginning of the LONG SAIL

then we just need to have a simple lab on the SHIP

to distill the crude diesel oil that the ship pick up -- bit by bit -- put it into the diesel engine

going to orlando from ORLANDO, will cost NOTHING to sail to there, but distillation of free diesel is so SLOW that it take about 3 month to arrive to florida --- the orlando disneyland really PISSED OFF

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Some joke story.

Man calling: "Hi, I went to the theatre and I want to say that your play was mostly for children. But it was in the evening when most of the children should go to sleep. Can you change the time of your play in the theatre to be in the morning?"

Director of the theatre: "Yes, for sure. Good idea. We will do it."

Man calling: "one more - main actor is not fully suitable for this spectacle. Can you change the actors?"

Director of the theatre: "Yes, you are right. We will change all the actors on the theatre".

Man calling: "And one more: name of your theatre is Maly Theatre. Maly is small by translation? Why small? It is big building. Can you rename of the name of your theatre? And location ... sorry but location of your theatre is not suitable. Your theatre should be located on different place."

Director of the theatre: "Sure. We will rename the name of our threatre and move whole the building to be a little far from the center of the city.

Can I ask you one question?"

Man calling: "Yes, ask".

Director of the theatre: "Who are you?".

LOL these are the first trader type jokes i have heard.

the last two are the best!...*rofl*...

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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reality FOREX TV

kidding -- really ?

does digital know that in advance hhmmmmmmmm , 17th june friday chart

this is just the 2nd-worst EA result , still not the worst one

Its a trend which is your friend until it bends, and then thats the end. I'm such a poet.

You really are a poet Buddy


we know FTSE people always quite laid back in their favorite straddle strategy

in FT -- financial times (yellow-orangish) newspaper

I read a comic that describe british quite well

COMFORT IN MYSTERY -- just look at how the people react to the emergency budget after election --- quite a lot of financial knowledge, investment study and market condition to understand this HUMOUR thread

you could make a few jokes yourself by watching the GBP/USD or GBP/JPY or GBP/AUD


I am still testing on perfect (close enough) price level for ENTRY this week -- but need the market to give me few more volatility fluctuation scenarios to have the robust stress test on my templates :

this perfect price level entry did not carry out successfully last week, probably need some type of alert or visual flashing signal -- as it is very hypnotic and I can't set LO to it

--- it is no JOKING -- unlike GBP (great BP pounds) that make you poor


--- I just wish that all the british companies won't go BANKRUPT this time --

people panic can really make you rich, just counter-trend it !!