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Why the market changed when I just placed my order

-- is your video appropriate to all, anyway, sometime, some youtube is so good, but too sexy for my shirt


that is a good question

this is my research result, there are certain price level through out the 1 day

some price level are more popular, some price level are less popular -- one day could have 150 pip apart for all possible price level within that day

my finding was (that should be secret), for the least popular pricing, then you got higher chance to win -- so I give you this secret -- kinda related to the unanswered phenonmenon in your mind

how do I notice that or knowing which price level (at the end of day or session of that day) is the more popular / least popular

of course -- indicator ----

my point

some people got grudge here, some people are humorous here, some are definitely coders beyond our capacity

these people point of view -- no matter you find that it is repulsive , or bieber alike, take a note of those -- then you can accelerate your learning on forex ==== the research result , you should not hear this from this forum before,

actually, if you notice, the candle price jumping is not quartz precise too -- this is already much much better in the last few year ---- -therefore in this reply -- you should able to almost ANSWER the question THAT you raised

pava don't know how to put youtube here, but we know how -- sometime, I wonder whether we should tell him (some of his jokes base, like times magazine or article too)

the video point -- better use bloomberg or ahead of some big movement , then bet (rather than bury our time in the chartings) -- i.e. I did get the point of your video (some of our thread topics)

oooh, my cable just release a subscribe necessary channel -- called MGM i.e.during maintenance, it release for all cable box owner (subscribe or not) -- it is temporary

but unlike other countries satellite (they got into almost HD decade ago), the video quality of my cable is good , all movies channels are not as good as other countries (sound, blockbuster ranking)

but as long as I don't change the channel to disney or nickoldeon these few day, I could watch this MGM channel for B-grade movie for free -- so I put away the remote now

damn this, we wait for whole year of 2012 for something bigger than olympics, now it said 2013 , by the way


for example

in this picture

this is right now

will your answer (if you have to bet right now)

you bet UP or DOWN

--- my answer is DOWN is more probable

-- but you could argue that after such a long long fell, almost time to be up and the up could be dramatic and in the moment that you least expected

then you have to consider some market people use either 0 or double and double bet with their latest winning (this could be a driving force for long term trend)



"pava don't know how to put youtube here"...4x...clean your mouth...


lol xx3xx , don't take it personnel . Its traders joking section.

BTW if you want to make money trade your OWN indicators.


I wrote it in the nicest way already (can't be any nicer)

some baby and school believe that some type of music esp MOZART will enhance maths and analytical ability

mozart town is salzburg, that town is mozart crazy (worse than bieber fever, for the whole town, name everything after mozart) -- however, those people there are not SMARTER , they are quite nice though e.g. the university campus got quite new books and decoration in the library etc; but people went there not because all the smartie in austria and nearby countries went there to study with the smartiest peer

therefore, the URBAN MYTH need some re-adjust-ment

those music will not make all the people smarter, but smarter people amongst our population will able to take up one more thing at the side, like learning musical and piano keys are not DECIMAL (10+) dec system


remembers these quote

Imagination and creativity is more important than knowledge

google motto -- do no evil


the days that we grew up with --- business wanna to have brighter , smarties people

these days, everyone in the company could google dot this dot that, then there is NO MORE NICE PEOPLE


if we wanna to resolve trade deficit, manufacture base international market share -- probably this is the things that we have to resolve (keywords are above, many people renowed steve job imagination and creativity and being a pushy in the tv, while the eastern europe still more poor than greece, business world, everybody try to cut cost and be the owner of company data and not nice to others === does internet provide us with a delinquent wild teen world -- probably so)

could do a youtube video about that, but can't find the upload button in youtube !

~~~~ extension to the above main question above : (i.e. part 3 here)

when will the floor traders people start to bet -- in group

using your money -- while putting some of your own money in your own pocket

the answer can be found if you search -- once upon a time, I am curious how the broker trade with collaboration and know that they could win with +ve while zero and break-even for them are much lower than retail bet-ters (i.e I know the answer, but won't disclose what I read or understood)

result (ultimate conclusion) : during business meeting, first compliment to others would go a long way ( but if you know some people try to repulsive, suffocating to newbies, what could you do, change to a sexy blonde first ?!)


we treasure our novelty that keep part of our memory when we got the novelty


some people struggle to survive in the harsh environment , they got animal instinct over their environment and territories prey and predators

===== we have to figure out what we like to see the most -- before we get OLD

most people wanna to live better

while the genius prodigy group, think, why can't other people treat them better if they work in normal corporations

here is few MCQ option

AA -- get a bit more wealth

BB -- get some more debt

CC -- get more deposit of every type

DD -- overcome something

EE -- just be it -- it is just the way things are until ipad as big as LED tv set come by

for female : The big bang theory joke, a girl was asked whether she DONE laundry already, her answer: kind of, she bought NEW CLOTHES instead

the clothes design and pleat and the dirt, probably too hard to clean, so their objective could be BUY NEW CLOTHES, die in the hand of the medic as sleeping beauty better than dies in the fingering of the husband


we got the fuel-air vehicle

next we will have a simple electric motor video (powerful multi-speed, big torque electric car)

probably only those people that could figure out the electric motor car, why the car price is not much lower than traditional combustion engine car -- those % could have figure out FOREX (it is that rare to be successful, people here keep on telling us that, but we are digging the treasure in the bible because of our faith)

and here is a youtube video


someone please TRANSLATE for us

ooh, my trade today, (just entered this minute) AUDCHF -- up

however, my hedge is not too far away ---- so I got high possibility of lock loss pair -- will it earn me any income -- zero


"Beer tastes so delicious when you hate everyone"