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Symbols.mqh - library for MetaTrader 4

Edward Hirsch | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2010.09.14 11:37
2016.11.22 07:32
Max.ex4 (9.01 KB)
Max.mq4 (3.09 KB)view
Symbols.mqh (9.81 KB)view


7bit and sxTed

Retrieve a list of all Symbols/Instruments known to the Server with Symbol Description and MarketInfo output to a CSV file.

Set up:

Place file "Symbols.mqh" into the "\experts\include" subdirectory.

Place file "Max.mq4" into the "\experts\indicators" subdirectory.

Place file "Max.ex4" into the "\experts\indicators" subdirectory.

Start up:

Start up instructions at head of each program.

Price Distribution Price Distribution

Numeric representation of how many times each price occurred during a given period, Use on a 1 min chart, enter number of hours and minutes you want to look back. Useful in determining actual support and resistance levels.

Stop Hunter Stop Hunter

This EA is based on the strategy "Stop Hunting with the Big Players". It sends BuyStop and SellStop orders at near distance from the round price targets.

TrailingStopFrCnSAR TrailingStopFrCnSAR

The script can apply the trailing function based on the portfolio profits, i.e. Stop Levels can be set upon reaching the total breakeven level of all the orders in the selected direction.

OpenOrderMarketExecution OpenOrderMarketExecution

The script quickly open warrants Market Execution/Instant Execution with a choice lot at risk%