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2010.05.18 08:47

HAS EA NEW - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Hi there.

This is a EA that I'm working on. It's in the "play with" stage now and I though I would make it open for everybody to play with.

How this works.

Al the changes takes place here:

if (OrdersTotal() < 1)
//if (m1==1&&m5==0&&m15==1&&m30==1&&h1==1&&h4==1)
if (/*m1==1&&*/cm5U<10&&m5==1&&cm15U>200&&m15==1&&m30==1&&h1==1&&h4==1)
if (fail) StopLoss=StopLoss+5;

//if (m1==0&&m5==1&&m15==0&&m30==0&&h1==0&&)//h4==0)
if (/*m1==0&&*/cm5D<10&&m5==0&&cm15D>200&&m15==0&&m30==0&&h1==0&&h4==0)
if (fail) StopLoss=StopLoss+5;

I have avaiables to play with.

The ones below are the ammount of time a HAS indicator is active in ticks. The U is for UP and D is for down.

In the chart the 2 swap depending on if the HAS indicator is up or down (RED/GREEN)

int cm1U,cm5U,cm15U,cm30U,ch1U,ch4U=0;
int cm1D,cm5D,cm15D,cm30D,ch1D,ch4D=0;

The variables below are the normal ones.

extern int TakeProfit=20;
extern int StopLoss=500;
extern int Magic=12367;
extern double LOT = 0.1;

The ones below are the actual up/down of the indicator. 0=down, 1=up.

ie.. m1=0 means the HAS indicator on the M1 chart is down or RED.

int m1,m5,m15,m30,h1,h4;

With this you can play and have a lot of settings.

The below means:

Ignore the m1 HAS chart, The 5m tic counter must be below 10, The 15m Tick counter must be below 200, and the rest (30m to 4h) must be up(1).

if (/*m1==1&&*/cm5U<10&&m5==1&&cm15U>200&&m15==1&&m30==1&&h1==1&&h4==1)

You need the HAS indicator for this. Save it under indicators.

You can run this on any time frame as it looks at all the time frames.

Any news or help or just nice info would be very nice. :)