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16 indicators in 1 - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2010.05.05 13:36
2016.11.22 07:32



1. Price indicator
This tool is made of candles. It is supplied with:
  • The parabolic SAR
  • Bollinger-bands
  • 4 Moving Averages
Each indicator can be activated or not will the optional true / false.
The options "price" is "ma_style" are valid for four moving averages.
In the option price must note your preference as well and capitalized:
  • HIGH
  • LOW
  • OPEN
In the "ma_style" it should be noted and your preferences and uppercase:
  • EMA
  • SMA
  • LWMA

Indicator in separate window:

  • CCI = CCI
  • RSI = RSI
  • Deviation standart = STDEV
  • Stochastique = STO
  • Bull = BULL
  • Bear = BEAR
  • on balance volume = OBV
  • momentum = MOM
  • AO = AO
  • AC = AC
  • Money flow index = MFI
  • average true range = ATR
  • Osma = OSMA
  • ADX =ADX
  • force = FORCE
You can choose the type of price used in calculating the indicator and the type of moving averages, your preferences are noted in the same manner as the price indicator.

It is possible to choose the style of the indicator in the "style", 3 types are available, they should note the following in block letters
  • histogram = HISTO
  • line = LIGNE
  • dot= POINT
I'm sorry if my explanations are incomprehensible, this is an automatic translation, I'm French.

Good test and good trades ;)

SVS_Oscillator SVS_Oscillator

The Variant of the oscillator. Entry on change the sign (intersection 0 axise ) . It Is Painted depending on positions of the indicator for 0 axises (+or-) for two senior periods to the current. The Example: m1 red if m5+ m15- , м1 crimson if m5+ m15+.

EA_Email - send an e-mail on your account details every xx minutes EA_Email - send an e-mail on your account details every xx minutes

This EA will send an e-mail about your account details every xx minutes.

Multi function price indicator Multi function price indicator

Multi function price indicator

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3 Scripts to simplify scalper operations. The scripts puts new OrderBuy, new OrderSell or CloseAllPositiveOrder.