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2009.07.31 17:00

wajdyss_FIBO_S_Indicator_V1 - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell, it's Depends on FIBO S Indicator

wajdyss_RSI_O_L_H_C_Indicator_V2 wajdyss_RSI_O_L_H_C_Indicator_V2

This indicator To show the numerical values of RSI (Open , Close , High , Low)

exp_Amstell-SL exp_Amstell-SL


SuperForex V2 SuperForex V2

Working with RSI on Daily chart. Has StopLoss, TakeProffit and trailing stop.

wajdyss_MA_expert_v3 wajdyss_MA_expert_v3

this EA Depends on Moving Average Indicator