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2010.03.24 15:24
2016.11.22 07:32
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It's a simple example of the indicator, that show ticks in the separate subwindow.

It uses the standard indicator's buffers, shifted by the PlotIndexSetInteger() function after each tick.

  • Red line - Ask;
  • Blue line - Bid.

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Original code:

Trade Sessions Indicator Trade Sessions Indicator

This indicator is based on DRAW_FILLING buffers. The input parameters are absent, the TimeTradeServer(), TimeGMT() functions are used.

Price_Channel Price_Channel

It's a well-known indicator that shows maximal and minimal prices (and average values) of the last n bars.

DemoBufferPattern DemoBufferPattern

To demo buffer-pattern: Candles + Fractals + ZigzagColor + ColorMaLine.

Up and Down Indicator Up and Down Indicator

This indicator allows to see the activity of the market.