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Sell using amount instead of lots - script for MetaTrader 5

Bhekinkosi Gabela

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2021.01.27 15:36

Open a sell position using the desired dollar amount instead of lots.

To use, just drop it onto a chart and set inputs as needed.

The script will then do the necessary lot calculation and open the trade.

  • FIXED_DEAL_AMOUNT: Fixed amount to use per trade e.g 100 to open a R100 deal
  • USE_SL_ON_BUY: If true then a suitable stoploss will be used, else no stop is placed but can be placed manually after opening position

One can also set a global variable '_Symbol+_MAX_SPREAD' to set max spread limit for each traded instrument.

e.g For EURUSD the global variable would be: EURUSD_MAX_SPREAD

e.g For Nasdaq 100 the global variable would be: Nasdaq 100_MAX_SPREAD 

    Buy using amount instead of lots Buy using amount instead of lots

    I find the lot calculation tedious so I just use this script and tell it the dollar amount to use. It then does the rest. This works for any currency.

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