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SSL Channel Chart - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Alejandro Cercós

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2020.11.08 13:47
Memento - behavioral design pattern Memento - behavioral design pattern

without violating encapsulation, capture and externalize an object's internal state so that the object can be restored to this state later

McGinley dynamic (official) McGinley dynamic (official)

McGinley dynamic (official version - as described by John R. McGinley)

Strategy - Set And Forget (with Alerting system) - MT5 Strategy - Set And Forget (with Alerting system) - MT5

This strategy is the well known set & forget with the ALERTING system. It is very useful on different trading scenarios. I urge you guys to always use trading tools that will make your live easier. So instead of watching the charts and the time and all day long, you can use this indicator that will watch the charts for you.

Keltner channel Keltner channel

Keltner channel with standard averaging and averaged over the ATR indicator.