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The indicator management is simple and intuitive.
There are two color modes:

  • Color varies with price
  • Color changes depending on the MA Period.

Switching between the two color modes is done by the "C" key (Color).
To change the step between periods of moving averages, the mouse pointer occurs when it is in the extreme right position and a vertical slider appears.

    CHistoryPositionInfo Class CHistoryPositionInfo Class

    A class for easy access to the closed position properties.

    3D Spiral Quotes 3D Spiral Quotes

    Demonstration of Canvas's capabilities using 3D spiral quotes as an example.

    CSetFileReader CSetFileReader

    Class to provide simple reading mechanism from MetaTrader set files.

    Trade Copier - Open Source - Multiplatform - Transmitter Side Trade Copier - Open Source - Multiplatform - Transmitter Side

    Trade Transmitter will Transmit Trades from MT5 Demo or Real accounts using CSV Files. Each trade request created manually or by other EAs on MT5 terminal will be automatically transmitted. Positions and orders summaries are also transmitted, so the receiver on the other platform can catch up, in case it misses any of the trade request transmissions. This Code will save your time if you are working on a bridge to copy trades between MT5 and any other platform.