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RSI candles - lite ressource - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Soewono Effendi

votes: 17
2019.06.27 07:05

Quoted from Mladen Rakic
Combination of 4 RSI values (RSI of High, Low, Open and Close) displayed as candles.

This implementation use less ressource and standard iRSI MT5 function to calculate the RSI value.

Can be used in any timeframe with any fx pair.

RSI candles

    Smoothed CCI Smoothed CCI

    Smoothed CCI

    Class CRandom Class CRandom

    Random number generation using the 32-bit PCG generator.

    PriceSpeed PriceSpeed

    This indicator shows average and peak speeds of price changes per minute.

    Unity Unity

    Multi-asset cluster indicator taking all currencies as a sum of squares forming market unity (1.0)