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Remove Equity from Demo Account - script for MetaTrader 4

Stephen Cattaneo | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2019.05.20 22:18

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Requirements to subject area, size and form of materials to be published:

What ideas is the code based on and how can the indications be interpreted? Describe the external variables used. If you submit an Expert Advisor, it is recommended to name the most suitable symbol and timeframe.If you submit an include file (#include), it is necessary to specify its purposes (for trailing, for calculating the size of position to be opened, etc.).

All images must be small, it is not recommended to exceed 750х500 pixels. The charts to be published containing indicators or graphical objects should be made in black and white color scheme: black and white candlesticks or black bars on white background. This will allow readers to print the image out directly from screen.

The code attached should be named both using Latin letters (letters of the English alphabet) and in English. For example, not issledovanie.mq5/erforschung.mq5/estudio.mq5/ricerca.mq5/recherche.mq5, but research.mq5.

  • Accompany the submitted code with a meaning-bearing name and a brief description.
  • Attach a brief explanation to the code for users to make head or tail of it.
  • Insert illustrating images where applicable.
Simple decycler oscillator Simple decycler oscillator

Simple decycler oscillator

Sell relative strength index Sell relative strength index

Sell relative strength index (SRSi)


Do you rely on your analysis and just want help on position sizing and how and when to take profit ? Do you have a lot of open positions and you need to reduse your DD and release some margin?

Hull moving average Hull moving average

Hull moving average (non-repainting version)