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Normalized MACD - of averages - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mladen Rakic

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2019.02.21 14:47

Theory :

MACD is, by definition calculated as a difference of fast and slow EMA (Exponential Moving Average). This versions allows you to :

  • use one of the 4 basic types of averages for calculation :
    • simple moving average
    • exponential moving average
    • smoothed moving average
    • linear weighted moving average
  • it is normalizing those macd values to -1 to +1 range

Usage :

You cans use color changes as signals

RSI Summed RSI Summed

RSI Summed

Bollinger bands - squeeze Bollinger bands - squeeze

Bollinger bands - squeeze

Adaptive moving average - double smoothed Adaptive moving average - double smoothed

Adaptive moving average - double smoothed

CSV file reader for MQL5 CSV file reader for MQL5

This class was developed to exchange data between MetaTrader 5 and CSV files. It converts the strings read from the CSV file to double and integer values depending of the type of the columns. Two producers of CSV files are most important for me. The most important producer are spreadsheet programs, i.e. LibreCalc. Manually entered CSV are the other kind of CSV files I had in mind. Be aware that this class do not use the standard library FileCsv.mqh etc. Instead it works with text files. It splits text lines into fields. Maximum speed and low memory usage were no development goals. This class may not be suited for large datasets or time critical operations. I would not use CSV files if speed was my main goal.