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2021.12.17 12:35

This code base is a simple function to check if current time lies within two specified times. 

Many times it is required by the Ea to enter trades between two specific time of the day only. 

This code takes two inputs, one is the start time and second is the end time. 

The code will check if the current time is in between start time and end time and will return accordingly. 

One click close One click close

The code is used to demonstrate how one can create a button on the chart and assign a function to it. The code is used to delete all orders after clicking on the button. The deletion takes care of various scenarios and shows error messages.

Custom sound on Alert Custom sound on Alert

This code will give custom sound on alert on new bar.

Check Binary Options Symbol Check Binary Options Symbol

This code can be used to find out whether the symbol is a binary option symbol or not.

Bullish Bearish Color Bullish Bearish Color

This indicator draws coloured histograms to identify bullish and bearish bars.