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2017.02.07 14:42
2017.03.02 09:39

When run on the price chart, the script modifies stop loss or take profit of all open orders for the current instrument.

Example: If multiple buy positions are opened on the GBPUSD pair, dragging the script to the chart below the current price causes the stop loss levels of all open positions to be modified, and dragging it above the current price causes the take profit levels to be modified.

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CashMachine 5min CashMachine 5min

The Expert Advisor uses the iDeMarker (DeMarker, DeM) and iStochastic (Stochastic Oscillator) indicators. Three virtual levels to protect profit.

10 pips EURUSD 10 pips EURUSD

The Expert Advisor trades the High and Low breakouts of the previous day.

NonLag Inverse Fisher Transform of RSX NonLag Inverse Fisher Transform of RSX

NonLag smoothed inverse fisher transform of RSX (MetaTrader 5 version).

Dsl - RSI Dsl - RSI

Dsl (discontinued signal lines) - RSI.