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2016.06.30 12:40
2016.11.22 07:32

Trading system based on BinaryWave_StDev indicator signals. A signal is formed at the close of a bar if a color point of the indicator has appeared. Market exit signal is generated if the indicator change direction is opposite to an open position.

The Expert Advisor uses the compiled indicator file BinaryWave_StDev.ex5 for operation. Save it to <terminal_data_folder>\MQL5\Indicators.

Note that the TradeAlgorithms.mqh library file allows using Expert Advisors with brokers who offer nonzero spread and the option of setting Stop Loss and Take Profit together with position opening. You can download more variants of the library at the following link: Trade Algorithms.

Default Expert Advisor's input parameters have been used during tests shown below. Stop Loss and Take Profit have not been used during the tests.

Fig. 1. Examples of trades on the chart

Fig. 1. Examples of trades on the chart

Testing results for 2015 at EURUSD H8:

Fig. 2. Charts of testing results

Fig. 2. Charts of testing results

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Original code:

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