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2015.10.12 14:47
JSON Serialization and Deserialization (native MQL)

JSON Serialization and Deserialization (native MQL) - library for MetaTrader 5

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Serialization and deserialization of JSON protocol. The code is ported from a high-speed С++ library.

string in, out;
CJAVal js(NULL, jtUNDEF); bool b;

Print("JASon Example Deserialization:");

in="{\"a\":[1,2]}"; out=""; // example of input data
b=js.Deserialize(in); // deserialized
js.Serialize(out); // serialized again
Print(in+" -> "+out); // output for comparison

Print("JASon Example Serialization:");

js["Test"]=1.4; // input data example
out=""; js.Serialize(out); // serialized
Print(out); // output

Practical example: authorization on a website and parsing the response

CJAVal jv;
jv["login"]="Login"; // login
jv["password"]="Pass"; // password

//--- serialize to string  {"login":"Login","password":"Pass"}
char data[]; 
ArrayResize(data, StringToCharArray(jv.Serialize(), data, 0, WHOLE_ARRAY)-1);

//--- send data
char res_data[];
string res_headers=NULL;
int r=WebRequest("POST", "", "Content-Type: text/plain\r\n", 5000, data, res_data, res_headers);

//--- assume the answer {"accessToken":"ABRAKADABRA","session_id":124521}
//--- get AccessToken
string AccessToken=jv["accessToken"].ToStr();

You can show your gratitude by sending examples of implementing MQL for working with web resources. Share you experience with JSON in MQL.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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