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All In One Grab - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2015.01.19 12:20
2016.11.22 07:32

The indicator shows the information about indicator values and important levels.

The idea was to keep the chart as clean as possible, but still get everything on one glance. You can take all indicators or just the ones you like. To hide the others set them to false.

It is my first project, I hope you like it.

Simple collection of important indicators and information.


Works on curencies with 3 or 5 Digits. Update for CFDs and other stuff will be implemented soon.

Stohastic to CSV for MatLab Stohastic to CSV for MatLab

This indicator exports the indicator values in CSV to use for MATLAB analysis with neural network, SVM, KNN, fuzzy.

Trailing Trailing

The Expert Advisor can be used for Trailing and hidden Take Profit/Stop Loss.

KNUX Martingale KNUX Martingale

New version of KNUX Expert Advisor. The strategy works with martingale.

Buzzer Buzzer

This indicator shows good signals based on modified MA.