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2014.12.05 11:38

CloseMultipleOrders - script for MetaTrader 4

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A simple script to close multiple market orders.

Input parameters:

  • ClossAll -> If this parameter is set to true, all orders (Buy, Sell, Pending orders) are close. This parameter supercedes every other.
  • CloseBuyOders -> Closes only Buy orders. If 'CloseOnlyProfit is set to true it closes only Buy positions in profit.
  • CloseSellOrders -> Closes only Sell Orders. If 'CloseOnlyProfit' is set to true it closes only Sell positions in profit.
  • CloseBuyLimits -> Delete all BuyLimit pending orders if set to true.
  • CloseSellLimit -> Delete all SellLimit pending orders if set to true.
  • CloseOnlyProfit -> Will close only trades in profit. If 'CloseAll' is set to true, this parameter will be ignored and all trades will be closed
  • Slippage -> The minimum allow Slippage. Leave current settings intact if unsure of slippage to apply.


Please make sure you enable automated trading in your terminal, as the figure below, for scripts to function.


The indicator draws two indicators in separate window.

RoNz Auto SL and TP RoNz Auto SL and TP

This EA automatically sets preconfigured Stop Loss and Take Profit value on all orders with empty TP & SL.

Delete all objects on all charts Delete all objects on all charts

The script deletes all objects on all active charts.

ATR Levels ATR Levels

ATR Levels indicator marks 5pm NY on the chart along with the 14 day ATR value.