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2014.02.27 14:13

Indicator RDS2689SignalAlerts - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Indicator RDS2689SignalAlerts

This indicator will write the price of Pivot Point on the trading chart, ranging from Price Support 6 to Price Resistance 6.
When prices change, or pass one of Pivot Price level, the indicator will be given alerts:
Message Alert (Print on message alerts MT4 default panel)
Sound Alerts, and / or
eMail Alerts.

In addition, the indicators will also provide at each level (Day Level Signal) and Day Prime Signal (means the price trend on that day and at that time).

You can also display the Horizontal line (true or false):
Horizontal line consists of:
Open Price today (Day Open Price)
Highest Price today
Lowest Price today
Mid Price today
Pivot Price today, and
Fibonacci Retracement Line level (only one level), which will adjust itself according to the last price change.

This indicator used on all timeframes.

Indicator RDS2689SignalAlerts Stting

Indicator RDS2689SignalAlerts on the Trading Chart

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