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2010.05.18 12:03

Setka (grid) - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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setka.mq5 (12.83 KB)view

This indicator will help you to determine quickly the starting and ending of the day (week, month), to see the maximal and minimal prices of the period (and determine them more accurately), the magnitude and direction of the movement for the period, the important levels (figure), the exchanges starting time, the news publication times etc.

Try this indicator, I think it will be very useful. The MQL5 Language allows to implement more functions, that was impossible in MQL4 (see

By default, it has the following parameters:
//--- input parameters
input int   Step=250;         // vertical grid step in points
input int   Figure=1000;      // figure step

Sometimes,  you need to change these setting for some symbols. By changing these input variables in the code of the program, you may configure your own color scheme:

// color of vertical lines
color new_hour=DimGray;       // new hour
color new_day =Blue;          // new day
color new_week=DeepPink;      // new week
color new_mon =Yellow;        // new month

// color of horizontal lines
color new_Hfigure=RoyalBlue;  // new figure
color new_Hline=DimGray;      // new line

you can configure your own color scheme by changing these variables.

If you like it and you want to use it, here are some recoommendations:

1. Disable the standard grid.

2. Change the number of bars in history Service->Settings->:

Max bars in the history

3. Restart client terminal.

4. Open the chart and attach this indicator. You will see the picture as follows:

Setka (grid) indicator

5. Select all the objects created and delete them.

chart objects

6. Using the right mouse click, save template (Templates->Save template) with name Default. tpl

save template

As a result, the grid will be launched automatically when open and change of any chart. The time and other info is printed in Log:

2010.06.15 11:53:16         Setka (AUDUSD,M15)          Failure or first call Time= 1.4 sec for  50000  bars  ObjectsTotal= 12718  MaxBars= 0 

  1. If you want to decrease the grid start time (and you don't need the grid on all history), set MaxBars=2000 before the template saving.
  2. On the flat market or in the case of failures (you will see them) you need to refresh the chart ("Refresh") for the recalculation of the indicator.

I would like to thank Renat for the help in writing the indicator and example

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

isNewBar isNewBar

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