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Session Open V-Line Indi - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2012.05.14 06:45
2015.02.24 12:33

Session Open V-Line Indi

This indicator is a modification of the i-session indicator. See here for original i-session indicator.

This indicator has been expanded to show up to 6 vertical time lines - see Vertical Time Lines (MT4) - 

1. Draws a Vertical Line at Session Open - London/EuroZone, USA, Asia.
2. Set required Session Times.
3. Select Line Width.
4. Set Line Style: 0 - Solid, 1- Dashed, 2 - Dotted line, 3 - Dash-and-dot, 4 - Double dotted dash-and-dot.
5. Select Line Color.
6. Hide Session Line/s not required.

Note: Time Setting may require adjusting for Broker Time. eg: Broker Time 09:00 equivalent to 08:00 London Time - set indicator time to 09:00 for 08:00 London Open Session.


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