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2011.10.31 06:59

True Range Envelopes - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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True Range Envelopes is based on the classical Envelopes indicator.

Instead of input parameter "Deviation" I used the data from Average True Range indicator and then MaOnArray function for smoothing all lines.


SpreadProbe SpreadProbe

Just like internet speed test can tell you your internet speed, SpreadProbe can measure ask/bid spreads on the go.

DivStochv5 DivStochv5

Basic on iStochastic. Show good area price for long/short.

Trading scripts with pictures Trading scripts with pictures

These scripts will record and file a picture of the chart at the time of each trade executed with them.

Postzigzagv2Close Postzigzagv2Close

Based on Zigzag Indicator.