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Tester v_0.14 - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2011.08.02 08:49
2015.04.21 13:22


This is an example only - how optimization results can be edited in a text editor and used by the Expert Advisor.

The signals were found by the optimizer of MT4 strategy tester, and all of these signals are used above profit factor 2. Many of these signals appeared only one time in the whole history, that's why more different type of signals must confirm each other.

"MinSignSum" setting means the number of these confirmations and it should never be less than 4!!

Shared only to show this method, how even beginner coders also can create real trading monsters :)

It's not recommended for live trading at all!

* first version is updated - v0.15 - some mistakes are corrected

Backtest using forextester data, with default settings, 2001.01.01 - 2011.06.30. (test starts from the 100th H4 bar)


Combines a strategy based on MA crossover with RSI and MACD confirmation by cmillion

Heiken Ashi w/ Doji Spotter Heiken Ashi w/ Doji Spotter

This is the standard Heiken Ashi, but with the option to spot Dojis and color them differently.


Expert advisor that trade in the trend of EMA and buy/sell signals get from Williams %R

Welch Bollinger Band ® Width Welch Bollinger Band ® Width

This uses the standard Bollinger Band calculations to further calculate the width of the Upper and Lower Bands, comparing that number to the Max and Min width of the bands for the last N periods. The results are plotted onto a histogram.