How to make money with GPT Assistant?

2 June 2023, 11:50
Anna Poraj

GPT Assistant is available here:

Embarking on an exhilarating trading adventure, I employed the cutting-edge GPT Assistant utility to navigate the intricate world of Forex markets. Over the course of two action-packed days, I witnessed the tremendous power of this tool as it propelled my trading endeavors to unprecedented heights. By leveraging its advanced predictive capabilities and carefully analyzing hundreds of variables, GPT Assistant provided me with highly accurate speculative moves, enabling me to achieve an astounding 23% profit while keeping the drawdown (DD) well below 8%.

Intriguingly, the first day of trading served as an eye-opening experience. With an arbitrary selection of symbols and a starting balance of $1000, I executed a series of trades using a fixed lot of 0.1. While incorporating almost all major and minor symbols into the GPT Assistant's list, I purposely engaged in a few martingale trades to highlight the perils of such strategies. The results were dramatic, with the account's DD skyrocketing to almost 8%, emphasizing the inherent risks associated with altering the Risk-Reward Ratio (RRR). Undeterred, I embraced the guiding principle of GPT Assistant, recognizing its specialization in intraday trading and the need for disciplined risk management.

The following day unfolded with a strategic shift in approach. Utilizing GPT Assistant's recommendations, I adjusted my risk by adhering to the suggested lot sizes, ranging from 0.02 to 0.13. The results were nothing short of astonishing, as my profit soared from 14% to an impressive 23%. Moreover, GPT Assistant's meticulous analysis ensured that the DD remained well within the desired parameters. Timing played a vital role in maximizing the utility of GPT Assistant. By executing trades approximately two hours after the start of the Asian and London sessions, and 1.5 hours after the opening of the New York session, I positioned myself favorably for market movements. I heeded the advice to avoid trading during high impact news events unless employing NEWS analysis and manual order placement. This cautious approach, combined with the powerful insights provided by GPT Assistant, laid the foundation for my success.

As a diligent trader, I recognized the importance of risk management and adhered to a 0.25% risk allocation when opening a maximum of five trades simultaneously. Higher frequency trading was approached with caution, mindful of the potential challenges it may pose. Additionally, I underscored the significance of understanding the Terms & Conditions of one's trading account, particularly in relation to high-frequency trading restrictions. Furthermore, I emphatically discouraged the use of martingale strategies or altering the RRR, emphasizing the superiority of GPT Assistant's analytical prowess. My personal journey with GPT Assistant left an indelible impression on me. It empowered me with a sense of control over my trading account's growth. The simplicity of its operation, requiring just a few clicks of the mouse, propelled my account balance upward within a span of 24 hours. Witnessing firsthand the remarkable profit achieved, I am thrilled to share this remarkable trading tool with fellow traders who seek the ultimate fusion of advanced technology and human intuition.

Join me in harnessing the power of GPT Assistant, and let us embark on an extraordinary trading voyage where profitable possibilities know no bounds.
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