Settings files for Gold monkey M5 robot

17 January 2023, 15:55
Andrey Kozak

Settings files for Gold monkey M5 robot. You can download these files and test how the robot works with each of these files.

Gold monkey M5 is a fully automatic scalper robot for trading on XAUUSD (gold). The robot trades intraday on M1, M5, M15, M30 timeframes. Trading platform Metatrader4. The minimum deposit to start trading is $500. To analyze the market, the robot uses mathematical models and information from standard indicators. After the robot finds an effective entry point, it opens a pending buy or sell trade. The deal is set at a certain distance. If within a certain time the price does not reach the pending order, it is deleted. The lot size for each trade is set manually by the trader. The trader has the ability to specify in the robot settings what lot size he wants to trade.


1.set  1 kb
2.set  1 kb
3.set  1 kb
5.set  1 kb
6.set  1 kb
7.set  1 kb
8.set  1 kb
8.set  1 kb
9.set  1 kb
10.set  1 kb