26 April 2022, 09:39
Anton Kondratev

Most trading systems based on MQL have closed settings for their users.

This is a kind of black box that you will never open.

On the one hand, it is safe, because. You will always hope for the best and will not be able to fix anything in the settings.

On the other hand, you will not be able to do your own optimization if the market suddenly changes.

Thus, sooner or later, such a black box will go to the trash can, because. it will simply stop working with the new market.

And I think it's unfair to the user.

We should always be able to optimize for ourselves.

DIVO is an open system and all settings are available to the user. You can always customize the system as you feel is best for you.

I always try to strike a balance between super profit and accuracy. We all know that losses can occur in the market and this is normal.

This is part of the game, the main thing is that the losses are less than the profits and they quickly recover.

This is what I strive for, so during optimization I focus on the RecoveryFactor.

In the new DIVO v5.55 update, I have greatly simplified the optimization for the end user.

Now you can use only one settings file for the entire optimization and for any Major/Minor currency pair.

Using the GBPCAD example, I use these parameters for optimization

Strategy tester settings

You can enter any date. I usually use forward testing until 2022.01.01.

To later check my selected settings for today's date.

This way you will test the performance of your settings up to today to make sure they work.

This is called forward testing.

Then just set my settings, which I left in the attachment

Then start optimization. It will take 1-2 hours depending on the power of your PC.

The longer the period of history, the more RAM is required. Therefore, I recommend using the last 1-2 years.

We do not use Martingale and do not use Grid for DIVO, so we do not need to check the system for 5-10 years so that it does not blow up the account.

DIVO will never blow your account. Contact me personally so that I can provide you with a ready-made Cache of the latest optimizations from me personally

If your computer has low power and optimization takes too much time, you can use the optimization mode "Fast Generic Based Algorithm".

This will significantly increase the speed, but it will not be the exact settings.