Discover my philosophy and my automated system Darwin Evolution

Discover my philosophy and my automated system Darwin Evolution

10 September 2021, 12:55
Guillaume Duportal
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Darwin Evolution EA



I will tell you about me and especially my EA Darwin Evolution.

I want to share with you my Forex philosophy, and that you understand for what purpose and on what basis I created this EA.

This EA is dedicated to all people who do not succeed in the Forex and who strive, or to the one who simply wants to invest with constant remuneration, without having the daily fear of losing their capital.

To people who wish to spend a course in the world of trading, learn and master rather than suffer the market.

Be open-minded.


Forex is also having some philosophy, and if you lose money today, or you have to take big risks to get that small profits, it's definitely that you do not have Not this state of mind.

It is for this reason that it takes first and foremost, be ready to make changes on yourself, and to realize that the way you had taken was not the right one. Stop the tire, you will end up losing everything ...

The best sometimes, is to erase everything and start again. Build and much easier than repairing. Make a formatting of your hard drive and leave at zero with me.


Forex is not a lottery, it's not a game of chance, but statistics.

The statistics do not deceive, they are not 100% of the valid time, but if rules are applied vigorously, then without a doubt, you will be profitable.

And contrary to what I see constantly writing about groups, we can predict the market.

It's the same here, if you think it's not possible, and that you block on this idea then go your way .... It's a waste of time.

You can not learn with convictions like these.


As learning always starts with discipline, it is now that the effort begins 😊

So we'll have to read all that to understand what I'm waiting for you and what you expect from me.


For starters, I will introduce myself, or rather explain what I do, and why I do it.

It seems indispensable to me, to understand who we have to do, and understand the philosophy of the person.

I am French so excuse me for my bad English, I'm 40 years old and I live now in Dubai. (Mainly where I am resident, but also in many other countries because I travel, and changes regularly)

I do not work anymore, I currently live only thanks to my trading profits.


I started Forex approximately 10 years ago.

The first two were complicated, it was hard work, and I did not know anything about trading.

I had no knowledge in this area, but one thing was sure, I loved money and especially I dreamed of financial freedom.

I no longer support this hold than "normal" life on us, and which forces us to do things we do not want.

I had already succeeded my professional life, now I wanted more and my job allowed me to have free time.

I contacted a trainer, a real professional trader and I learned everything from him.

I took training during these two years, which were a financial investment, because very expensive.

And all this time, I worked with this tireless trader, without ever giving up, and especially without asking me any question.

The biggest mistake that can be done when you learn is to doubt his trainer.

(We must execute, trust, and never doubt the strategy, because it takes time to understand that it really works)


After this long learning, I was operational.

My gains were stable, regular, without big losses.

So I decided to take a turning point and a big risk in my life, and I stopped everything.

My work, my old life, everything, and I left with my wife.

This was a mixture of frustration and pleasure.

Frustration, because when you have a professional life that works well, it's a big risk of stopping everything.

At first, it's a huge weight, and it's not so easy to handle that what we could believe.

Once it has been exceeded, it is only pleasure, to get up in the morning and feel free.


Over the years, by practicing, I have developed my personal strategy.

I continued in parallel to working as I had taught me, but I developed a strategy that was mine, and which corresponded me perfectly, in terms of work.

Finally, today I only use my own strategy.

My courses were essential to get there, and it always serves me daily for my analyzes.

But my positions, I do not take them anymore, only if they follow my own rules.


I now had a reliable strategy in time, which has almost never failed me.

I always use it, and every day.

This strategy has the advantage of not being disrupted by trends.

Whether the pair is saleswoman, buyer .... No importance, the strategy always works.

Trend, against trendy, in all situations.


As the human being is done so, we always want more.

Making profits, being independent it was no longer enough, now what I wanted was to have more free time, and why not doing anything anymore :)

I worked on the automation of my strategy, only I met a lot of problems.

It's been four complete years that I work there.

On the paper, the strategy was very clear, but each time, once automated, it never worked.

My technique is at the base, relatively simple, and it is this simplicity that makes it work.

The difficulty was entering the market, return at the right time.

When you are an experienced manual trader, the graph you understand it, you look at it and you see a lot of things immediately.

That's what allows you to enter at the right time, and with time it becomes obvious, no need for complicated calculations.


The problem is that scanning a visual programming language, it is not impossible, but almost.

Contrary to what some EA resellers would like to believe, artificial intelligence in Forex, it does not exist ....


We see it written everywhere, in all the descriptions of EA or almost, it's a new fashion (it's good to write that, but it does not exist)

Rather than saying, I created an EA Martingale or Grid, we prefer to beautify the situation with nonexistent things.

I tested hundreds of EA during all these years, and we turn in circles, we see more or less the same thing, the same results ...

I have your feet on earth, and I do not pretend to say that I can invent an IA.

Despite all these difficulties that were unavoidable and all programmers meet, rather than looking for solutions that do not exist I have taken the problem in another way.


Since it is impossible to find solutions to these problems in automated trading, I preferred to circumvent these worries rather than getting involved unnecessarily.

I took every problem that my automated strategy, and with every concern, I have swollen by indently bypassing the problem, rather than solving it.

It has become obvious, rather than saying that I was going to succeed where everyone fails for so much time.

In many cases, it is the fierceness of programmers that defeats their EA, this obstinacy that makes blind.

As often EA users who are intended to want to use an EA in bad periods, all that to take risks, in order not to lose a single day of winnings.

Patience and observation is the key, and do not go down head down by saying "it will pass, it will pass !!! shit it does not pass ..."

They do not want to think otherwise.

Me the first philosophy of my EA is to flee the problems (while all the other EA will face the problem, and go in it), I'm fleeing them and I am where no one awaits me.

Finally, we realize that contrary to what one might think, do not trader some days, reports a lot more.

By avoiding losses, you boost your profits at the end of the month.


In summary, this EA is not more efficient than others in terms of basic profits.

But as he avoids troubles with my strategy, finally the profits become enormous.

Sincerely, I did not expect this result a few months ago.

I just wanted to automate, but I did not think it would be so profitable.


There are 5/6 Less than I still did not intend to marke my EA.

I am rather a reserved person, I stay in my corner.

So marketed my EA, was not at all planned for the program.

But I have increasing more and more groups, MQL5, Telegram, Discord ...., And it's sad to see that we are talking more often about loss of money than profits.

Often, the arrival and joy of a new EA are short, and are more often transformed into drama.

I involved more and more in the groups, and I have clearly seen the same problems every time.


That's right, many EA are bad, it's indisputable.

But users must also question themselves.

Many "bad" EA can be used to make profits.

I can prove it without any problem.

Why, simply because you have to use an EA as a tool and not a perfect and foolproof solution.

The use of an EA and less complicated than manual trading, and yet almost no one gains money ... So ask yourself the question.

I am almost sure that most EA users would gain more money by manually trading.

The gains would be weak, but you would not let your plan plant, so you finally lose less ....

I explained it in several groups !!! Hold a hammer and a board in the hands, do not make you a carpenter !!!

Do not take a trader using an EA.

It is a tool, which requires know-how and some experience.


Already, how can you select an EA more than another, if you do not know how the Forex works? Do you know how to make the numbers speak? Ratios? Profit factors? statistics ?

This is a question that I can not explain to me .... I can not jump in the void on the pretext that I have been advised. So do not do the same thing in Forex.

I study, I analyze, and I draw conclusions

Finally, this EA that was not at all for public use, I put myself in mind to share it.

It was just a raw tool, for my personal use, but which works terribly well, but needy of knowledge.


The idea was to save me time, but not to handle everything automatically.

So I worked on it, and tirelessly for a few months to make it usable by anyone.

And that's the biggest challenge.

I had to reminded me of all the problems I had encountered personally at the time when I used my first EAs.

I also noted all the problems that users faced in groups.

For example the hedging, that no one or almost does not mastery.

To overcome this system, so I integrated this system into my EA (this EA opens a hedge in case of problems, but it manages it itself to close it for profit)

Or the stop of the EA in the wrong condition, then I integrated a new filter, but with a very particular setting, and long thought.

And I did the same for almost all the worries that might happen.


This EA has been thought above all to not lose your money, before thinking about winning.

Again here, I took the problem upside down as a lot of programmers.


In conclusion, here are my promises and what I want to offer to members who will join me.


The acquisition of a powerful EA, with significant profits.

An EA that in my opinion can under no circumstances, I say no circumstance lose your capital. (Used with the settings that will be provided to you)

It is technically impossible with respect to the configuration of the EA

Of course, there are rules of use to respect, minimum account size, specific settings you will have to follow ...

If you do not do fantasies, wanting to look for a new "magic" set in BT on MetaTrader

Because I know some people can not help it, touch what you do not have to ....

I am also open to changes, if some need additional options that adapt to their use, it is possible.


A group for Telegram will be open for "users" for those who have decided to take this EA.

What I would like to do is a group where I give all the advice, possibly if there are changes to bring, or stop the EA, relaunch it ....


I will give news information about the Forex that could brake us in our profits.

My goal is not to provide an EA, then let the users fend off alone and disappear when the questions become embarrassing.

I would give information, advice, to get the profits related to the maximum dranedown you wish to have on your capital.


You will understand it, my EA is perfectly successful and reliable.


I specify one thing, so that it is clear "do not ask me what is the exact strategy of the EA", because I will not give the explanation before several months.

I want to explain the system, how the EA manages the position, how it proceeds, but I will not explain why it opens the position.

I can tell you how he will react in such, or that situation.

The basic strategy is my manufacturing secret.

It will be explained that for people who will integrate the group, and only after a few months of use.

This is done with the aim of preventing the reproduction of this EA or to slow it down. You will not be able to want it for that.

Many settings will also be blocked for a first period.

Without knowing the basic settings, without knowing the initial strategy, it will be more complicated to avoid copying it.

I also wish to avoid manipulation errors.

I explained above, some users can not help but change, change .... and I do not want to be responsible for that.

I make sure my configuration works, I will force it at first so that you can see the performance.

Then I will unlock everything, and you will be the only manager in case of completely crazy setting!


But I do not want to hear users, as a first step, because of my strategy.

It will not happen.


I hope you have made you want to know more and that you will be decided too, to take a turning point in your life.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information

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