Hedging Pro Ultimate, The Gold Scalper

Hedging Pro Ultimate, The Gold Scalper

15 July 2021, 05:15
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Hedging Pro Ultimate is a further development of Euro Hedge EA and One Direction Pro EA, by only taking the advantages of the two EAs to achieve the ultimate EA.

And the result is that Hedging Pro Ultimate EA is very stable to use for scalping on XAUUSD.

How it Works: here

Hedging Pro Ultimate can be used in every market condition, ranging, side way, trending and spike on XAUUSD.


Its ability to survive in every market condition is due to applying hedging, averaging, pyramiding, lot martingale and anti-martingale techniques along with the ability to make partial closes on loss and profit positions.

By calculating the required free margin requirements, and conducting simulations to determine the minimum profit to be carried out a partial close, will achieve maximum results without being stuck in certain conditions that will create a margin call.



Open Position Mode :

1. Start With Buy Sell, the bot will immediately open buy and sell positions simultaneously.

2. Start With Manual Trade.

With Open Position Mode : Start With Manual Trade, you can execute trades using the buy/sell/buystop/sellstop/buylimit/selllimit buttons with lots and distances that you can set yourself through the panel that has been integrated with the ea.


Backtest and Forward Test

I've posted the setfile in the comment tab or below this article, I'm sure you've downloaded it?
If you have, you can do backtesting by modeling 1 minute ohlc, start balance 5k.
Backtesting period 2020-2021.

For the early stages of live trading, try to use a demo account before moving on to a real account.
Make sure you use 5 demo accounts with these settings:
1 demo account for EURUSD.
1 Demo account for GBPUSD.
1 Demo account for XAUUSD.
1 Demo account for EURUSD and GBPUSD.
1 demo account for EURUSD, GBPUSD and XAUUSD.
The demo account is used to ensure compatibility between the system offered by Hedging Pro Ultimate and the system from the broker.
Because not all brokers have the same characteristics in terms of requotes, stop levels, freeze levels, spreads and speed of order fulfillment.
Don't forget to use a VPS.

Hedging Pro Ultimate provides a feature to monitor the condition of the internet connection speed with the broker's server.

hpro inet

hpro inet2

A poor internet connection will affect the results of live trading.


If you find a problem like the picture above, there are 2 possible causes, which can be from the broker's server or from the internet connection on the vps. If you find a problem like that, immediately change your vps or the broker you are using.

Continue New Cycyle

continue new cycle= false, expert advisor will still manage open positions.
"Manage" means that it will keep opening and closing positions as needed until all positions close and will not open a new cycle after that.

News Filter
For the MT4 version it will use economic news calendar from the web https://ec.forexprostools.com . DST (Daylight Saving Time) and GMT Offset are calculated automatically.
The MT5 version will use the economic news calendar built in from the MT5 terminal.
News filter will stop all adding new positions, and will only close positions when the profit target is reached.


How to set news filter on MT4 version
To make sure the news filter is working properly, the user needs to set the web address https://ec.forexprostools.com in the list of allowed URL tab 'Advisors'.

The settings are done in the following order: Tools\options\expert advisors and tick allow webrequest for listed URL and paste the following link:

https://ec.forexprostools.com/?columns=exc_currency,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&timeZone= 15&lang=1

and click ok.

tools web

Differences in grid mode

The grid used a combination of:
+ Grid Averaging : Open a long/Short position if the initial position is losing
+ Grid Pyramid : Open a long/Short position if the initial position is profitable
+ Simple H uses more Grid averaging with a composition of GRID averaging 80%: GRID Pyramid 20%
+ Hedging Pro composition Grid Averaging Vs Grid Pyramid ==> 70:30
+ Ultimate, composition Grid Averaging vs Grid Pyramid ==> 60:40
+ Pyramid 1, composition Grid Averaging vs Grid Pyramid ==> 50:50
For its use you can use an existing setfile.
Pyramids are more suitable for index trading, where prices tend to move in one direction at a certain time and also if GOLD is moving in one direction when there is big news.


"Hedging" and "Pending Orders" 


Hedging Pro Ultimate will do a partial close to get a profit, and sometimes the partial close makes the buy and sell hedging positions unbalanced, for example, there are only buy or sell positions.

Hedging Pro Ultimate prepares 3 algorithms to overcome that.

Algo 1(Pending Order)
The bot will open pending stop and limit orders if there are only buy or sell positions after the "Number of trade to start Pending Order" is reached.
Number of trade to start Pending Order = 5,
Buy position : 5
Selling position : 0
Then the bot will place a pending sellstop and sell limit.

Algo 2(Hedging) is if the open buy or sell position reaches the "Number of trade to start Pending Order" target, the bot will open a hedging position to start offsetting the existing position.

Algo 3(Lock Zero)
Lock Zero will open a locking position if there are only buy or sell positions, with a note if the buy or sell position is negative or experiencing floating loss. If the profit is floating, the bot will not open a lock position.
5 open positions buy a total of 5 lots,
Sell positions=0, then the bot will open 1 sell positions with a total of 5 lots.

Lock by Drawdown/loss in money/loss in pips,
The bot will open a locking position according to the number of lots experiencing floating loss.
The drawdown calculation only includes the current chart.
Lock will be distributed evenly by opening positions opposite the number of open positions that experienced a drawdown/loss in money/loss in pips.
Example: 5 open positions buy a total of 5 lots, then the bot will open 5 open sell positions with a total of 5 lots in the initial stage.
Next stage the bot will continue to open hedge positions while doing partial closes.
The hedging position will only be opened once, if it has been partially closed, the bot will not reopen the position.





Select Close Partial Method


+ Close partial buy & sell: partial close by bringing 1 buy loss & 1 sell loss
+ Close partial buy / sell: partial close by bringing only 1 buy loss or 1 sell loss.
+ Close partial all: A combination of close partial buy & sell and close partial buy / sell.

The difference between Close Partial 1 and 2 in Auto Close Partial, in percentage


Close partial 1 includes the calculation of the last 2 positions to calculate the minimum profit needed to close the first losing position.
Recommended minimum profit 1st percentage last position profit to close partial 2: 40-50%, and minimum profit 2nd last position profit to close partial 2: 60-70%
Close partial 2 calculates the total profit of all the last positions to close the first losing position. The percentage is recommended between 0.5-1%

Start With Manual Trade


The Square Button is to hide all buttons
BUY button is for Buy
Sell ​​button is for Sell
X All means Close All all positions
X Profit means Close All positions that are profitable
X Loss means Close All losing positions
X Buy means Close All all buy positions
X Sell means Close All all sell positions
Buystop Button is for placing Pending Buy Stop
Sellstop Button is for placing Pending Sell Stop
Buylimit Button is for placing Pending Buy Limit
Selllimit Button is for placing Pending Sell Limit
Dist is to determine the Distance pending orders
Lotb is to determine lot buy
LotS is to determine lot sell

Stacking and Snowballing

HPU has a stacking feature for manual trades set to false "Delete trendline after opening a position".
Snowballing can be obtained by using Mix Lot 3


Difference between Real Tick and 1 minute ohlc modeling

Real tick fetches price every tick.
1 minute ohlc modeling fetches prices only at second : 0,20,40, and 59.
1 minute OHLC does not mean Open, High, Low and Close prices on a 1 minute timeframe, the picture below can provide a better explanation:


With this knowledge, I created a code to make the bot fetch prices at anchor points 0,20,40, and 59 with a deviation of 3 seconds , but in real trade the deviation from the anchor point is still depends on the speed of the internet vps and the broker's servers.


For a more detailed explanation of the difference between every tick and 1 minute ohlc modeling, click on the following link: here

Suggestions for using bots:

+ Before using it on a standard account, I highly recommend to use a cent account for a trial first, If the broker does not have a cent account, use a demo account. In addition, to ensure the compatibility of the system offered by Hedging Pro Ultimate with the system at your broker. Because not all brokers have the same characteristics, both in the speed of order fulfillment, slippage, spread, freezelevel and stoplevel.  It is very important to be able to find a broker who has consistency between backtest, demo and real trade. Although backtest and real trade will not be 100% the same, but at least not so much different.  

+ Limit your trading hours. Only trade in Asian and European sessions. You can adjust trading hours by using the manage news cycle feature. If you do not understand how, you can contact me, I will help you to set trading hours.


+ Past performance backtest does not reflect future results.
+ Trade within your limits.
+ Please do a backtest using the MT5 terminal from metaquotes, as a comparison of the backtest results using the MT5 terminal from the broker.
+ MT5 Terminal Download link: here

+ EA Link: here

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