TS Currency Power Scalper EA Input Parameters

6 April 2020, 06:06
Jian Chen

Here is the detail information of the input parameters of TS Currency Power Scalper EA:

  • Magic Number: EA's magic number.
  • Symbol Name Extension: If the symbol name of your broker has postfix, you may set it in this parameter. For example, if the symbol name of EURUSD is EURUSDm, you may set the value of this parameter to "m".
  • SL Points, TP Points: Stop loss and Take profit value in points.
  • Money Management, Fixed Lots, Base Lots, Base Lots per Balance: Money management settings to calculate the trade volume.
  • Max Spread: If the spread is larger than this value, the EA won't open new positions.
  • Enable Time Filter: If it is set to "true", it open new trades between GMT 16:00 and GMT 4:00 next day. Otherwise, it could open new trades all the time.
  • Trade USD, Trade EUR, Trade GBP ... : Let you enable/disable the trading of each currency.
  • Max Orders: Maximum number of open positions.
  • One Symbol Mode: When you are going to run the EA in your environment, please set its value to "false". Otherwise, the EA will behave like a simple RSI related EA. This input parameter is used to let the EA pass the auto validation of the MQL market, but not for real product environment.
  • Enable GUI: If this parameter is set to 'true', the EA will show a panel that displays the M15 currency powers.
  • Start Hour(GMT), End Hour(GMT): The time to open new positions, please note the "Start Hour" is bigger than the "End Hour" because the EA open new positions at night.
  • Trade On Friday: Use this parameter to enable/disable the new position opening on Friday.
  • Other input parameters are not important and not recommended to customize.

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