Trend Screener : Input Parameters

Trend Screener : Input Parameters

8 March 2020, 01:27
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---------------- TREND SYSTEM  ----------------

Trend Screener Indicator

Trend Line Map Indicator

 Input Parameters

  Trend Screener Setting Section 1

  • Mode Buffer     : This parameter will be used to enable buffers for auto-trading and connecting the indicator to EA. For manual trading, this parameter should be set to Disable.
  • Mode_Screener : Used to Hide/Display Trend Screener. 
  • PairsList -  Used to set the list of pairs to monitor in the Trend Screener.
  • PairPrefix - Used when your broker have pair name with prefix like " cEURUSD ", at this case, you need to write "c" in the prefix case to run the indicator.
  • PairSuffix - Used when your broker have pair name with suffix like "  EURUSDecn ", at this case, you need to write "ecn" in the suffix case to run the indicator.

  Trend Screener Setting Section 2

  • ENABLE_ALERT_NORMAL_TREND - Enable-Disable an alert when Trend Status = UP TREND or DOWN TREND.
  • ENABLE_ALERT_STRONG_TREND - Enable-Disable an alert when Trend Status = STRONG UP TREND or STRONG DOWN TREND.
  • ENABLE_ALERT_TREND_LINE   Enable-Disable an alert when Trend Line in Chart change FROM GREEN TO REDor  FROM RED TO GREEN.

  Trend Screener Setting Section 3

  • POP_UP_ALERT  - Enable-Disable pop-up alert.
  • SOUND_ALERT   Enable-Disable Sound Alert.
  • EMAIL_ALERT  -  Enable-Disable Email Alert.
  • PUSH_NOTIFICATION_ALERT  - Enable-Disable push notification Alert.

  Trend Screener Setting Section 4

  • TEXT_TREND_LINE_BUY_SIGNALS_ALERT Used to set a custom alert text for buy alerts coming from the trend line.
  • TEXT_TREND_LINE_SELL_SIGNALS_ALERT - Used to set a custom alert text for sell alerts coming from the trend line.
  • TEXT_STRONG_UP_TREND  Used to set a custom alert text for STRONG UP TREND ALERT.
  • TEXT_STRONG_DOWN_TREND   Used to set a custom alert text for STRONG DOWN TREND ALERT.
  • TEXT_UP_TREND Used to set a custom alert text for UP TREND ALERT.
  • TEXT_DOWN_TREND - Used to set a custom alert text for DOWN TREND ALERT.

  Trend Screener Setting Section 5

  • FILTER_ALERT_BY_TIME      - Used to enable alerts during a specific time period. ( Example : Enable Alert from 07:00 to 15:00  broker server time )
  • HOUR_TO_GET_ALERT         - Used to define the hours of getting alerts.
  • MINUTE_TO_GET_ALERT      - Used to define the munites of getting alerts.
  • HOUR_TO_STOP_ALERT      - Used to define the hours of stopping alerts.
  • MINUTE_TO_STOP_Trading   - Used to define the  munites of stopping alerts.

  Trend Screener Setting Section 6

    • FILTER_ALERT_BY_DAY   - Used to enable alerts during specific days of the week.
    • ALERT_ON_MONDAY -  Enable Alert On Monday. 
    • ALERT_ON_TUESDAY -  Enable Alert On Tuesday.
    • ALERT_ON_WEDNESDAY -  Enable Alert On Wednesday.
    • ALERT_ON_THURSDAY -  Enable Alert On Thursday.
    • ALERT_ON_FRIDAY -   Enable Alert On Friday.

      Trend Screener Setting Section 7

      • COLOR_BUY_SIGNAL - Used to set the color of Buy arrow.
      • COLOR_SELL_SIGNAL - Used to set the color of Sell arrow.
      • ARROW_OFFESET_PIPS - Used to set the position of the arrow in the chart.
      • ARROW_WIDTH - Used to set the WIDTH of the arrow in the chart.
      • DRAW_ARROWS - Used to hide/display arrows in the chart.

        Trend Screener Setting Section 8

        • SIGNALS_MANAGER - Used  to enable RUN_SUCCESS_RATE_SIMULATOR (1) or enable RUN_ATR_TP_CALCULATOR (2) or enable RUN_SL_CALCULATOR (3).
        • DISPLAY_SUCCESS - RATE_SIMULATOR - Used to hide/display SuccessRate Box. 
        • FONT_SIZE_LABEL - Used to set the size of the text labels in the chart.
        • OFFSET_LABEL Used to set the position of display max profit label in the chart.
        • TAKEPROFIT_SIMULATOR - Used to define TP for SuccessRate Simulator.
        • BARS_NUMBERS_FOR_SIMULATION Used to  define the bars range to find signals and analyze Success rates of those signals according to Takeprofit Simulator.
        • ATR_TP1_RATIO  - TP1  Multiplier to calculate TP based on ATR. (4) 
        • ATR_TP2_RATIO  - TP2  Multiplier to calculate TP based on ATR. 
        • ATR_TP3_RATIO  - TP3  Multiplier to calculate TP based on ATR.

            Trend Screener Setting Section 9

          This section will be used to change the colors of Trend Screener in the chart.

          •  COLOR_COPYRIGHT
          •  FOOTER_2_SUCCESS_RATE     

          (1) : RUN_SUCCESS_RATE_SIMULATOR  : This parameter will run the success rate simulator and get the success rate of a TP and display max profit per signal.

          (2) : RUN_ATR_TP_CALCULATOR : This parameter is display Takeprofit Based ATR.

          (3) : RUN_SL_CALCULATOR :  This paramter will display Recomended Stoploss per signal.

          (4) : ATR : The average true range (ATR) is a technical analysis indicator that measures market volatility by decomposing the entire range of an asset price for that period. 

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          SAYADI ACHREF , fintech software engineer and founder of Finansya.

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