Sto2 Settings

17 September 2019, 22:32
Hoang Nguyen


  • 5D = 5-digit symbols  |  5D will not work with 3D symbols (e.g UsdJpy, EurJpy, AudJpy, etc)
  • 3D = 3-digit symbols  |  3D will not work with 5D symbols (e.g. EurUsd, GbpUsd, AudNzd, etc)

[9/26/2019] I have attached a new set: GbpUsd aggressive set and safe set. I apologize for the delays. I have been tweaking this set for the past week to optimize it as much as possible. 

Under construction. I work a regular part-time job towards the end of the week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), so I apologize if I cannot get to anyone's question during this time. I will upload more settings next week (week of 9/22/19).

The EurUsd set is the most complete optimization. 

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