Settings Files For 6 Pairs For Sunlight Pro FX EA

24 August 2019, 18:23
Ahmed Oumessaoud

first important note: If you test Sunlight Pro FX EA by MT4 platform alone and then got different results from those in my Sunlight Pro FX EA description, know that the difference from the MT4 platform either if you get the same results or results close to those in the description is a good thing because the Backtest in MT4 platform alone often gives incorrect results.
The Backtest is preferred by Tick Data Suite program.

Tick Data Suite program gives accurate data and is close to live results.

The second note: You should test EA in a  MT4 platform with a demo ECN account and not a Standard demo account while avoiding the backtest work during the weekend because Spread rises when the market stops working. This information is important for you to get a good backtest report.

Third note:It is known that MT4 platform allows backtest on only one currency pair, so you should keep in mind that there is a big difference between backtest EA on only one currency pair in  MT4 platform and between placing EA on several currency pairs at the same time in a demo or real account, Because trading on multiple currency pairs increases profit opportunities and reduces the loss From each other.

Please read the lines above before downloading the settings files.

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