Check out my Script I made to give you an Instant Edge as a Trader

Check out my Script I made to give you an Instant Edge as a Trader

25 October 2018, 06:26
Ricardo Penders

MetaTrader Script gives you an instant edge over the standard chart

When I started to use the MetaTrader platform and got my membership here I was really surprised with all the doors it opened to me and saw that I finally found a great platform with a big active community which is awesome.

One thing in particular attracted me to start using this platform because of my programming experience I could start learning trading and at the same I could do what I'm good at and this gave me a sense of safety, having that option made my choice easy and to have the software installed on my own computer is another great thing to have so I haven't looked for another platform which may be better anymore I think this is the best you can find online... Correct me if I'm wrong, I can't know everything.

So I made a script that you can install directly from here, it's listed under publications here:

This script when installed will give you a new option when you right-click on an active chart and select my template called "_sohard_db_wyuez_"

This will change your active chart to use the right color scheme, the right candlestick chart and you'll see 6 different indicators added to give you best possible overview with the most used, easy to understand indicators used by other professional online traders instantly visible on your active chart, you can do this with all your charts simply by selecting the template again. It doesn't require much more resources from your computer but you do see that it does take a bit more time to load the chart when you're change the time table of your active chart that's because the indicators need to calculate the whole history for better accuracy... So it's a little bit slower but you gain 6 very precise indicators going back as far as it can and your chart will look better for you to see what's going on.

Here's a screenshot I made:

MetaTrader Script to add 6 Indicators

My template will be good for all the symbols, just know that trading Forex is different than trading Spot Metals or Cryptocurrency and that you need to interpret the indicators in a different way.

Before I found MQL5 and MetaTrader I tried many different trading platforms, mostly binary options and I even spend enough money to get a personal professional trading adviser, we connected every day via Skype and he basically told me when and what to trade so I just copied all his best trades and with the amount he recommended.

Now, if everything goes right this could be very profitable but the trading platform was an online broker with their own trading binary options platform only and it was very slow to navigate, place my trades, I was logged out automatically after 5 or 10 minutes if I didn't click anything on the website and there's always some time in between I get the signal from my personal adviser and me logging in again, navigating to the right binary option and finally placing the trade.

Binary options is the biggest waste of money in my opinion even with a personal adviser it just doesn't work, I lost all my money I invested in all the different binary option accounts I tried out.

There's just too much time wasted so I couldn't get my trades placed on time, binary options are also very limited in what or how you can trade so you'll most likely trade with fixed time periods you can choose from, I only traded the longest time periods over several days but in the same week to have some sort of trust in getting a good outcome but that turned out to be an illusion too, it was a very costly mistake, I lost everything and after that I was done with binary option and online trading platforms.

Luckily I found the MQL5 community and the MetaTrader platform, this is the perfect combination with the right broker I think you have everything you need to be a successful online trader, this is of course when you understand how brokers work and their rules you have to abide (know that the odds are stacked against you), that way you can cannibalize one of the income streams of your broker called the OTC Gain so they won't be very happy with you but you do make money online.

I do recommend you to watch a video on YouTube if you're new to online trading to educate yourself so you know all the risks involved when you're trading online and what you can do to hack the system and make you profitable, here's the link to the video (it's about two hours) that I highly recommend you to watch: - Anton Kreil Annihilates Retail Brokers and "Trading Educators" published by InstituteofTrading

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