Use ACB Breakout Arrows MT5 and TradeBuilderMT5

10 October 2018, 17:27
Sergey Deev

The TradeBuilderMT5 Expert Advisor is designed to build a trading system based on an arbitrary set of technical MT5 indicators.

This sample to set TradeBuilderMT5 for use ACB Breakout Arrows MT5

The ACB show buy signal at bar 1, buffer 0, sell signal - bar 1, buffer 1, SL for buy at buffer 2 and SL for sell at buffer 3

We must do settings for OpenBuySignal:

Next settings to get SL for buy signal:

And same settings for OpenSellSignal and SL (see attached set-file)

Video sample:

You need not buy TradeBuilderMT5 for testing - only download demo version of EA and indicator.

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