(06 MARCH 2018)DAILY MARKET BRIEF 1:Smoke clears – smoke ahead

(06 MARCH 2018)DAILY MARKET BRIEF 1:Smoke clears – smoke ahead

6 March 2018, 14:15
Jiming Huang

Markets have settled after Monday’s excitement about Germany’s coalition, Italian populists’ victory and US President Trump’s presumed trade war. The VIX volatility index fell to 18 from 26. So here come the next events: China’s National People’s Congress started on 5 March, the European Central Bank meets on 8 March, Italy’s coalition talks have started and US non-farm employment data for February will report on Friday the 9th. 

Italy is headed for a hung parliament. We could see unwinding of prior reforms, but probably not a strong enough bloc to pass structural reforms. EUR/USD options are biased toward the downside. The Bank of Japan says it will not abandon negative interest rates. In the US, Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard will speak publicly today: her comments could indicate a hawkish bias, which would give the USD a limited bump.

By Peter Rosenstreich

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