Ethereum is above Bitcoin in one main area

Ethereum is above Bitcoin in one main area

16 August 2017, 10:43

There is not hard to understand that Bitcoin is now on everyone's lips since the price reached almost 4 times the price of Gold. So, we have all time highs, record Market Cap, very bullish forecasts... so everything is in Bitcoin's favour. Even the previous correlation between Ethereum and Bitcoin prices doesn't exist anymore, for a few reasons: people want to take advantage of Bitcoin rally so they sell their Ether to get Bitcoin, a lot of people are placing Ethereum in the ICOs that are becoming a trend.

But there is one area where Bitcoin is taking a beating from Ethereum: daily number of transactions. Ethereum managed to break a record in the crypto industry, with over 400,000 transactions. The number is impressive and also shows that people are trading Ethereum heavily. It could also mean that in the next period of time, Ethereum could see a rally similar to Bitcoin. Nevertheless, don't let the latest drop in Ethereum prices create a false impression that people are not interested in this cryptocurrency anymore.

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