Please Read This First, Before Subscribes To My Signals

Please Read This First, Before Subscribes To My Signals

27 July 2017, 18:26
Hazly Harun

I give my signals for free, because I want us to profit from it, and I want us to have more time to spend for other thing in our life without worried so much about our trading. 

My signals are 100% free and it is 99.99% automated trading, and it will be free as long as I have the resources and money to run it. Luckily, I get the resources for free but soon it is going to cost me money... 

Don't misunderstood, I don't want your money...I just need your support to spread the word so that more people can benefit from my signal. 

However, If I run out of resources soon or later, maybe there will be no more free signal...Just maybe. 

I also hope that my trading signals will consistently profit and my advise to my subscriber, please use the same Forex broker as my trading signal broker or you can test it with your own Forex broker.. but please, test it first on demo account. 

To my subscribers, if you are profitable from my signals, and wanted to donate back to me, you can donate back to me, by subscribing my paid signal. 

Thank you... 


HAZLY ROBOT 2016 ---> 

BOT TRADING EA ---> --Recommended Only with Capital 1000usd 

EA DECEMBER 2016 ---> --Recommended Only with Capital 1000usd 


BBMA V1 DEMO ---> ---Recommended 

BBMA V1 XM ---> Recommended 

RISK TAKER EA combined with EA BBMA V1 - --PAID signal-- 20usd.

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